21-day Abundance challenge online course

21-day Abundance Course

Are you ready to awaken your inner abundance and unleash your potential? Take the 21-day, do-it-yourself, abundance manifestation course and break free from disempowering beliefs. As your coach and soulful guide, I will be right beside you to encourage, inspire, and elevate you. Come join and see the possibilities for yourself.

Meditation, Mudras, and Mantras have a specific resonance and vibration. When you learn this ancient method of awakening abundance consciousness your manifestation skills can get activated. Apply this knowledge step-by-step, and take action to tap into your unlimited abundance.

This is your chance to learn how you can create remarkable results for yourself in 21 days.

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Take the abundance course now, and learn how you can manifest abundance in 21 days

Awaken Your Inner Abundance to

Unleash Your Potential

This is an exclusive challenge for determined entrepreneurs and individuals who want to awaken their abundance consciousness and open portals of possibilities for themselves. 21 day abundance challenge is now an online course, facilitated and taught by your soulful guide and coach, Gagan Sarkaria.

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Key Objectives:

In these consecutive 21 days, you will:
  • Create a new habit and abundance mindset to cultivate a life of happiness, joy, gratitude and abundant prosperity for yourself.
  • Learn how to create an inside-out shift in your mindset by learning how to manage your centering thought.
  • Discover how to tap into the Universe's Higher Intelligence frequency to raise your personal vibrations and pure potentiality.
  • Understand what is possible for you to manifest within your realm of possibilities using the meditation series.
  • Realize and journal your inner blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs in various areas of your current life.
  • Learn how to combine daily meditation practice, an aligned mudra that activates a corresponding Chakra, a focused-centering thought, affirmation, and a task to tap into the Universe's unlimited abundance consciousness.
  • Experience validations from others who will start to notice the shifts in you.
  • Discover the secrets that help you magnetize your abundance.
  • Co-create transformation for an extraordinary soul-rich life and business using meditations, mantras, mudras, journaling, and daily activities with channeled wisdom.
  • Work asynchronously (do it at your own time daily), with international high achievement life and business coach, abundance manifestation expert, Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui and Reiki master, Gagan Sarkaria.

21-day Abundance Challenge Workbook is here!

  • This absolutely stunning and Reiki infused workbook is new addition to the revised and edited Abundance course, now online, for 2021.
  • This workbook is an excellent way to follow along the online course to elevate your learning and manifesting abundance experience.
  • You will use this workbook over and over again, so I highly recommend that you purchase the bundle.
  • The Abundance Challenge workbook is a great way to keep your curriculum for this challenge and daily activities all in one place.
  • This workbook is full-color, 8.5 x 11 inches, PDF that you will download to your desktop and can be printed at home or viewed on your smart devices. One download per purchase. You can buy multiple downloads.
  • There are 99 pages in this workbook.
  • This print-ready PDF is viewable on smartphones and devices.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  The 21-day Abundance Challenge Workbook is not the whole course. This workbook is a supplemental guide/journal for the online course. This is an optional product to add-on to the actual 21-day Abundance Challenge online course.

are you ready for the Abundance Course, to open portals of possibilities for yourself?

Experience transformation in 21 days
21-day abundance challenge online course with Gagan Sarkaria

What will you achieve:

  • At least 3 abundant results for yourself in 21 days.*
  • Daily guidance on how to recognize and remove your abundance blocks and keep moving forward.
  • Proven steps to actively clearing your inner blocks.
  • Knowledge about how to open up to the infinite source of abundance.
  • Discover the step-by-step process and soulful guidance to understand the Great Void where manifestation begins.
  • Gain clarity, courage, and confidence to open your portals of possibilities.
  • Understand and apply the power of how to create a personal meditation practice with your least path of resistance.


What will you need:

  • A journal, notebook, or a spiral notepad to write your daily thoughts and complete your assigned daily tasks. No loose sheets, please.
  • Alternatively you could purchase the 21-day Abundance Challenge Workbook to keep your journaling and curriculum together.
  • Writing materials like a pen, pencil, and maybe some colored markers or pencils.
  • A reliable technology device and stable internet access.
  • Optional: Your Facebook Account to access closed Facebook Group for 21-day Awaken Your Inner Abundance Challenge for live teachings and Q&A sessions.**

* Results may vary and are contingent upon your active participation and completion of the daily challenge and activities.

** You will get access to the FB group after your enrollment in the challenge is complete.

*** The testimonials and feedback expressed on our entire website are from clients who genuinely and authentically share their results.

What Participants are saying about the

21-day Abundance Challenge with Gagan
Kellie O

When Gagan invited me to the 21-Day Abundance Challenge, I was thrilled. Gagan’s knowledge, talents, and uncanny ability to tap into what you need at the moment are quite remarkable. One of my goals has been to manifest a new dream house and I knew this was something I wanted to focus on during the challenge. During the 21 days, I’ve enjoyed the blend of meditations, mudras, and mantras. The journaling activities are great to work on inner blocks, to gain clarity on what I most want to manifest and how to release that to allow it to come into my life. Within a few days of the challenge, new opportunities were presenting themselves to put us in the best possible position to get our new dream house. The signs showed up to ensure we followed the right path. Thank you, Gagan. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process and really looked forward to putting that 10-15 minutes aside each day to focus on what I most wanted. I’ve created a new habit and each day look forward to the mantra activity that will open up more possibilities, I know!

Kellie O’Brien, Online Marketing Consultant, Australia.

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bruce green client arizona

The 21-day Abundance Challenge journey for me has been filled with blessing upon blessing, amplifying when I could achieve in 3 weeks. I am blown away. I have been facing some challenging times in my personal life. When I started this online course and abundance meditation challenge, I was unemployed and living in a very tiny bedroom of my rental home. I have been able to manifest a new career, and am the new coleaser of my rental house. I also moved from the tiny bedroom into the master bedroom. I have a unique career opportunity, as well. Look at what we are dealing with now due to the global pandemic. I am super grateful for the calmness and groundedness this course has offered me, and look forward to daily task, audio meditation, mudra and activities to create my authentic abundance consciousness. My happiness is beyond expression! This whole journey has been beyond amazing for me. Gagan just opened up and released inside of us what is possible and how to tap into that unlimited potential.

— Bruce Green, Entrepreneur, Graduate Gemologist, G.I.A.

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Dr. Shivani Amin, MD Functional Medicine Doctor

I have been working with Gagan for the last 12 months. I started with the Life Map Reading 90-day journey with her to create my personal transformation. I have done private coaching with her too. Currently, I am writing my book with Gagan. She is helping me birth my stories, brand, and business that are soulfully aligned with my inner being, radiance and the Universe. It is a large project and undertaking, and I trust her wisdom, insights, and programs. She channeled and saw a vision of me being featured in Forbes. Within months, I was invited to be a featured speaker on Forbes’ 30 under 30 conference, in the Fall of 2019.

When Gagan asked me to do the 21-Day Abundance Challenge, I said yes because I know her asking meant something big is going to reveal itself for me. I have been dreading writing my book and finding excuses not to do it. The Abundance Challenge has turned out to be a meaningful coincidence and has given me immense peace and positivity in the current times of Coronavirus pandemic. As a physician and daughter of two elderly parents, peace and calmness are huge for me. And today, I am happy to say that I have a bright, creative, fun way to write my book. As a result of this 21-day challenge, and Gagan’s soulful coaching, I have the entire conceptual outline of my book laid out in front of me. Gagan’s ability to tap into the right message, and what you need at the moment is truly exceptional.

Dr. Shivani Amin, MD, USA.

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Audra McMahon, Option 29, mortgage professional

I have been in the mortgage business for 17 years, and I own a consulting firm that helps people transition through divorce. I finished the 90-day Life Map Reading journey with Gagan and just started my 6-month Coaching program. Gagan suggested that I should do the 21-day Abundance Challenge with the group, which will activate abundance and get me started off really well. So before this 21-day Abundance Challenge, I was gloriously growing my business organically. In the past three weeks, I have done three months’ worth of business, one month of business production per week. It has been crazy wild, closing my month to be a 6-figure income month. Being on this journey, I have realized that I need more support to grow. I also need way more boundaries to tend to my wellness with the abundance. Some things are surfacing that I need to attend to, shift, and manifest for myself. This is why I am ready to do another round of this challenge!

— Audra McMahon, Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS), USA.

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Dr. Claudia Marcelo Florida

I am an osteopathic physician, and I live and practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. One of the things that the 21-day abundance challenge has definitely helped me see is the importance of self-care. I have realized, and I am so grateful for this, that if I don’t take care of myself, I am not going to be able to help anyone else. I think the abundance challenge has also illuminated me in many ways, to understand the real meaning of words like abundance and luxury. I was falling prey to society’s definitions of “abundance” and just focusing on money, money, money. But “abundance” is way more than a dollar amount. Just after 21 days, I feel spiritually abundant, I feel abundant in the practice of gratitude. The little things that I had let, busy life get in the way, I now have carved those in. And going through this 21-day abundance challenge, I also realized that I had a lot of self-esteem issues. With low self-esteem, I have been self-sabotaging my progress and my growth. Lack of confidence causes problems, and all of these things were not really evident before the 21-day abundance challenge. I have uncovered some core issues that need addressing, and now I can take action towards these challenges. And I’m not saying I have all the answers right now, but I’m grateful that I’ve started with this journey, and I look forward to seeing what’s next. Thank you, Gagan!

— Dr. Claudia Marcelo, D.O., USA.

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Mary Lynne Fernandez

#1 Best Selling, and Award-winning Author of The Warrior Teenager

Cheri Tree

Founder & CEO of BANKCODE | Best Selling Author of Why They Buy

Meliha Perez-Halpern

Attorney, Speaker

Amber Scott

Determined Entrepreneur, Single Mom


extraordinary soul-rich life and business.
Gagan Sarkaria

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To Unleash Your Potential


21 day abundance challenge online course bundle

21-day abundance Challenge online course

$189 USD
  • Create a new habit and mindset to cultivate a life of abundance for yourself.
  • Learn how to create an inside-out shift in your mindset.
  • Tap into the Higher Intelligence frequency to raise your personal vibrations.
  • Understand what is possible for you to manifest within your realm of possibilities.
  • Realize and journal your inner blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs in various areas of your current life.
  • Discover the secrets that help you magnetize your abundance.

Bundle: Online Course + Workbook

$197 USD
  • Everything that is included in the Online Course for 21-day Abundance Challenge with Gagan Sarkaria
  • Beautiful 99-page Workbook to enhance your abundance manifesting experience
  • The Online Course + The Workbook
  • Access the 21-day Abundance Challenge online course under Abundance Academy
  • New Meditation, Mantras, Mudras, and Music are added
  • Both the Online Course and the Bundle options give you access to the course on any device

* 21-day Abundance Challenge Workbook

$49 USD
  • A 99-page full-color, beautifully designed workbook
  • An excellent supplemental guide to the online course
  • This workbook is Reiki infused to guide you through your abundance manifesting journey
  • Print, and keep your curriculum and journaling in one place
  • A great way to document and measure your progress and success
  • PLEASE NOTE:  The 21-day Abundance Challenge Workbook is not the whole course. One download per purchase
  • PLEASE NOTE: Access to the course is one-time purchase with unlimited access to the course per student. You can do the course multiple times. Your purchase will include any future content edit or curriculum revision for the 21-day Abundance Challenge. The workbook is limited to one download per purchase. Please save your downloaded PDF of the workbook properly.
21-day Abundance Course