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My name is Gagan Sarkaria. I am a soulful life and high achievement book, branding, and business coach. I assist determined entrepreneurs achieve remarkable results! Through my programs, I open portals of possibilities and create measurable success for my clients. Quality and results are the two non-negotiables for me, therefore, I only work with clients who want quality and results.

“Creating Your Blueprint of Success through Destiny Science” is what I do to soulfully guide you in building YOUR successful life and business. If you commit and are determined to walk the journey with me, you CAN achieve extraordinary results through my programs!

I am an internationally recognized Soulful Mentor, Business Coach and Energy Healer passionate about Building Business Beyond Your Talents using Chinese Astrology, Energy Medicine, Branding & Soulful Marketing to elevate and expand you to new heights!

As a soulful branding and high achievement business coach, I bring “ambitious clarity*” to determined entrepreneurs to create their extraordinary soul-rich life and business. I create courageous brand visibility, systems, and business strategies for my clients through soulful mentoring and design work to open portals of possibilities for them.

>>*Ambitious Clarity is having an understanding of a clear pathway to your purposeful ambitions in life.

Gagan Sarkaria


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extraordinary soul-rich life and business.
Gagan Sarkaria

Through my soulful mentoring, my clients heal their past, release their books and brands, redefine their present and transform their pain into prosperity! Through my branding & business coaching programs, they gain clarity, confidence and creative paths to build a business beyond their talents ultimately achieving remarkable success!

In business, at the end of the day, it is all about results, and I deliver excellent results in everything that I do. I am committed to offering services and programs that allow you to brilliantly shine in your creative power and build a lucrative business that YOU love!

It’s time to Crack your Soul & Money codes, own and brand your brilliance to build a business beyond your talents.

Sending blessings and brilliance your way!

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Here is Gagan’s professional bio with qualifications, experience, education, and certifications:

Gagan Sarkaria is an international High Achievement Business Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Personal Branding Expert. Gagan specializes in helping her corporate and private clients skyrocket their business, leadership potential, and individual results.

Gagan’s expertise has positively impacted companies across the globe. Her client list includes international and national organizations like CITCO, Securus Technologies, BANKCODE, Women’s Business Development Council of Florida, University of North Texas, Wade College, The Art Institutes, M-LINK Technologies, Women Presidents Organization, American Business Women’s Association, Argosy University, Jacksonville State University, BEST Technologies, to name a few.

Gagan has worked as the Vice President of Training & Development for an international sales training company with clients in 40 countries. For 7 years, she also served as the Director of Faculty Development for a private, for-profit higher education institution coaching over 400 faculty members, program coordinators, and department directors. During her tenure, Gagan rose to be one of the top three trainers in North America.

Gagan has also served as the Assistant Creative Director of a leading public state university in the US, art directing visual communication projects for intra-departmental marketing, impacting enrollment growth, plus leading and managing creative teams.

Before her full-time entrepreneurial coaching and branding career, Gagan was a university professor teaching design, branding, communication, business development and marketing.

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According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, ‘achievement’ means a thing successfully done, typically by effort, courage, or skill. There is a difference between performance, achievement, and success, albeit, all three are essential in life. Gagan believes, performance equates to your potential minus any interferences or disturbances you might have in your life. Achievement, however, relates to your latent (untapped, undiscovered, unseen) abilities minus any distractions from your environments — internal or external.

Gagan’s guidance...

Working with determined entrepreneurs, focused professionals, and executive leaders, Gagan guides them how to dig deep and get unfolded for transformational achievement so they can raise their benchmarks, exceed their targets and inspire their teams! Her ideal clients are high-potential leaders and determined entrepreneurs who have a burning obsession to transform into high-achievers and are fully committed to co-creating miraculous transformations.

These high potential leaders may have reached great heights of mastery in their respective areas but find it hard to go to the next level. They may be facing challenges while transitioning from their jobs or might have struggle converting their content, book, experience or wisdom into a profitable business.

Gagan’s coaching opens portals of possibilities for her clients as she unleashes their inner champion. Working with Gagan, her clients discover their systematic blueprint for success and achieve higher results.

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Dazzling Experience

Gagan is also a highly sought-after Personal Branding & Visual Design Expert as she has spent the last two decades studying courage, empathy, worthiness, and perception and its role in visual communication. Her post-graduate thesis and research entail cognitive analysis of cross-cultural semiotic influences on mankind’s ability to perceive, act and change.

Gagan is passionate about bridging the gap between Executive/Entrepreneurial IQ and EQ, engaging the emerging leaders to be the voice — in boardrooms and beyond! Gagan has also assisted C-Suite Executives transition into their next chapters of life and become Best Selling Authors, Speakers, and Consultants in their industry.

Gagan has extensive training in transformational methodologies, the human psyche and coaching, and over 20 years of experience Transforming Lives Through Heart-led Talents. Gagan lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas. She is fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu.


  • Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences — in progress
  • Master of Fine Arts in Communication Design
  • Master of Business Administration in Management
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design


  • Launching her SoulCode Mastery® program — Stay Tuned!
  • Publishing her first book — Unconditional Compassion.


  • Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer
  • Certified and Licensed BANKCODE Master Sales Trainer
  • Certified Fascinate Advisor
  • Certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master
  • Certified Galactic Healer
  • Certified Chinese Astrology Si Hua Zi Wei Dou Shu and Feng Shui Master
  • Trained in Heart-centered Hypnotherapy Techniques
  • Certified Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapist
  • Certified Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach


  • Texas Governor’s Small Business Forum Nominations in 2 categories in 2017:
    1. Most Innovative Business.
    2. Generation X, Y, or Z Business Owner.
Gagan Sarkaria

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