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Abundance Manifestation Academy is your hub for learning manifestation skills. Quickly and easily tap into how to manifest abundance and prosperity. It is your online space to learn how to transform your pain into prosperity, creating remarkable results and manifesting abundance in your life

Let’s Create Your Abundance Blueprint

This online academy is a safe, sacred space for you. Where you can identify, accept, understand, awaken, and embrace your powers to co-create miraculous transformations and healing around money, abundance, wealth, and prosperity in life and work.

what is prosperity and abundance?

Gagan Logo abstract

‘Abundance’ and ‘prosperity’ are two of my favorite words that hold great vibrational energy. They date back to the Middle English Latin word ‘abundantia,’ which means ‘overflowing,’ and prosperity, which means ‘doing well.’ The words prosperity and abundance mean different things to different people, just like the words success and freedom. However, the concepts of pain, struggles, and timing are common yet unique to all of us. This is where Abundance Academy courses can help you create breakthroughs and remarkable results.


The global pandemic of 2020 has been hard on many. We are all either currently struggling or needing support, guidance, mentoring, or inspiration to transform the pain, grief, struggles, heartbreaks, and challenges. Trust me, I have been there myself, and the path is not easy to bounce back from. Hence, my commitment to helping you transform your life, health, career, relationships, and finances. Like my clients, you too can have the confidence and courage to redefine, realign, and recreate your soulful life by tapping into the hidden power of YOUR astrology charts. You, too, can define your pathway to prosperity and create massive success.

how do you manifest effortlessly?

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Each person has a different desire and vision of abundance manifestation in mind. Your limiting beliefs can cause blockages to your intuition and manifesting methods. Your subconscious mind can keep a score of your fears and belief systems that may not serve your current reality. Through Abundance Manifestation Academy courses, products, and services, you will learn:

  • How to recognize and have clarity on your life’s challenges.
  • Understand what stops you or where your blocks are and how to break free from your karmic debts.
  • Discover ancient tools and techniques that awaken your inner abundance and achieve spiritual growth.
  • Apply the methods, and new skill sets learned in the academy to create immediate results.
  • Master your soul code and money code to understand how time affects you.
  • Learn the difference between the law of attraction and manifestation techniques that work.
  • Plan and personalize your months, quarters, and the year ahead based on your destiny science astrology charts.
A peacock feather in a circular frame on a green background.

how do you practice abundance?

Chakras and abundance

Practicing abundance and cultivating a lifestyle of an abundance mindset requires some basic foundational understanding of the concept. I have written extensively on the topic in my recent blogs. You can start with Why is a daily practice of Mudras, Mantras, and Meditation important now!

The manifesting prosperity courses, products, and programs offered in Abundance Academy use ancient, eastern techniques and philosophies related to:

Pick a course that suits you and abundance manifestation expert, Chinese Astrology Feng Shui, and Reiki Master Gagan Sarkaria will guide, assist, and support you in reaching your next level or “state” of prosperity and abundance in your life and business.

These courses, services, and digital products will give you the knowledge and guidance to manifest effortlessly and practice an abundance mindset.


Most people search for happiness outside in their environment or in other people. If you are not a happy person, to begin with, you cannot fill someone else’s empty cup. If you desire to create a life of joy and fulfillment, you have to awaken your inner abundance. These mindset shifts are possible in 21 days! So let me ask you a few questions:

  • Are you someone who has been trying hard for years to build a life and business that you want to feel totally aligned with?
  • Are you a person going through some significant transitions in your life and business?
  • Have you been in a rut, what I call a “downward-spiral,” for way too long, and no matter what you do, how hard you try, you can’t seem to get out of it?
  • Do you feel stuck, frustrated, or even worthless in your life, relationships, career, or business?

I get it. I really do.

Over the last 8 years, I, too, have been through intense periods of severe and acute transitions. I remember going into my heart-centered hypnotherapy training course to remove limiting beliefs, manage severe grief and loss, and hold an intention of gratitude, self-love, wealth creation, and refinement. My money story needed a reboot for financial abundance. With courage, the right resources like mudras, mantra meditation, Zi Wei Dou Shu Chinese Astrology, cultivating spiritual wisdom, and timely awakening, I have continued to rise above my murky waters and rebirth myself, my brilliance, and my business.

And I’ve been supporting amazing women and men to do the same - manifest prosperity to win their battles in life and business. I invite and encourage you to join me inside Abundance Manifestation Academy (AMA), where I will soulfully guide you to transform your pain into prosperity.


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