Why is branding important for business success?

why is branding important for business success

Why is Branding Important to a business? Most people wonder, “Why is branding important to a business’s success?” Some even believe if they can have a website, do some social media marketing, put in time and effort, things would work. This is how one can establish a solid foundation for their successful business. Sorry to burst the…

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Freedom: Follow Your Heart, And You Will Not Regret It

Gagan Sarkaria_soul code empowers personal freedom

I have been in so many seasons and tough situations in the last 20 years that failed me, were a disappointment or saddened me deeply. The bright side is that I have no regrets. I have always followed my heart, sometimes blindly in love, ignoring the signs that might have screamed for others. But I…

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From Gullible to Glory: Can my insanely audacious journey empower you?


Do you think about your struggles in life, relationships, health, and money? Well, don’t we all have a fair share of our challenges to talk about? Let’s see if my insanely audacious journey empower you? 20 years, and I am reflecting with gratitude and humility, the meaning of personal FREEDOM. I want to share 7…

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Are you struggling with money blocks?

Are you continually struggling with money blocks? You work hard yet live paycheck to paycheck, and there is no cash emergency fund? Do you find it hard to live within your means? Do you find yourself owing money? Are you fearful of not having enough cash flow? Do you fear if your business will ever…

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One-word for the year exercise

One word for the year exercise

One-word for the year exercise with Gagan Sarkaria A powerful exercise that adds value to your business goals and outlines a step-by-step process to achieving them with a soulful theme that resonates with you. Check it out! This video was originally recorded in December last year for private clients. Many have found this exercise helpful…

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