Chakra Meditation Techniques for Abundance and Prosperity

meditation with chakras

Chakra meditation techniques are one of the best ways to start your healing, expand your capacity to receive more in life, and tap into your ability to manifest abundance. Many people think having the right intention may help manifest the desired results. Well, having a purpose is only the starting point. Clarity, courage, and confidence…

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The 7 Chakras and Their Mantras For Awakening Abundance

7 chakras mantras for awakening abundance

Thirty-year-old, single mom Mariana suffered from epilepsy for almost her entire life. It was understanding healing and the 7 chakras and their mantras that would transform her life beyond simply managing epilepsy. You see, Mariana’s daily seizures had increased in number and timeframe, and her neurologist of almost 8 years had recommended brain surgery with…

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Understanding The 7 Chakras: A Guide For Beginners

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Understanding your chakras On a trip to India 10 years ago, I got Reiki attunements. Understanding the 7 chakras happened years earlier, but I’d never experienced the opening of chakras, a healing or attunement session until this trip. If you continue work on the chakras, you can tap into a force field of creativity and abundance.…

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