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I have been in so many seasons and tough situations in the last 20 years that failed me, were a disappointment or saddened me deeply. The bright side is that I have no regrets. I have always followed my heart, sometimes blindly in love, ignoring the signs that might have screamed for others. But I did it for love; with reverence and full honesty and worked hard whether it was relationships or things — jobs, projects, and tasks. Have you found this freedom?

I followed through. Did you? If you find yourself in a tough season of your life, keep the faith and know in your heart that seasons do change. What really matters is your action and choices in the current season. Remember, what you sow, so shall you reap. So make sure you stay positive and keep seeking the ways to be a problem-solver and not a problem-creator. Do not give up.

When it comes to your career advancement and success, following your heart serves you well. Do you know what your “life’s calling and life’s challenge” are? That is what you can find in my Soul Code program and through my Life Map Readings. I have helped hundreds of determined and focused professionals find their purpose and unlock their potential. I guess when it comes to our loved ones, the game changes and you can get either trapped in their negative drama, or it becomes a trigger point for your own crap to rise up, and unfortunately, we can open up a whole new can of worms. You know what I mean, right? Your immediate family and friends are the hardest to believe in you and will challenge you the most. Fortunate are the ones who find believers in their closest relationships.

Adverse Childhood Experiences And Soul Code

Did you know that our wellness is tied to not only our “Adverse Childhood Experiences,” known as our ACE score but to our ancestors as well? Irrespective of our family and cultural backgrounds, we all have childhood baggage and emotional, energetic tags of “trauma” of some sorts. We may choose to ignore it, but by the fifth decade of our life, it will surface and show clear signs. In some cases, the physical manifestations of the traumatic energy tags stored in our body — in our behavior, life choices, and health — start to show much sooner than our fifties. For some, it is too late, and for some, this information can be transformational. So read on!

Whether a person comes from a family of immigrants or war veterans, a celebrity family or from a farm, a dysfunctional family, or an abusive relationship, we all have some baggage that we carry. We all have had our losses and disappointments, failures, and shocks. The scientific community in the last 3 decades or more has been working hard on understanding the correlation between emotional wellness and physical wellness. The burden of trauma is not compartmentalized from other aspects of our lives. How do you define trauma? Well, trauma is an “emotional response” to an extremely distressing event in your life.

I know of some cultures, ethnicities, and family systems that do not acknowledge emotional distress. Emotional outbursts, discussions, and any resources that support emotional wellbeing are considered a sign of weakness. There is often a total shutdown and no acknowledgment around emotional distress. I come from such a culture and family system.

  • Very often, you may hear, “...boys don’t cry or have emotional talks. That is a girl [woman] thing.” This was recently said to my 8-year old son, and I had to interject, which of course was not received well by the other party because I am a woman.
  • Breaking the shackles of patriarchy and healing the trauma of abandonment and dishonor has been my journey.
  • My 8-year old son has had a chronic anxiety issue in the past that has taken me years to heal and help him recover from. I am so proud of him. He is a sweet, kind soul — growing up to process his emotions using his words. Instead of ignoring them or keeping a lid on them because he is a boy. He is learning to be brave and strong in expressing how he “feels.”
  • Did you know that it is the Y chromosome, not the X, that gets affected and trauma is transmitted through it to generations? Those who need a refresher on biology, the Y chromosome determines the male sex of the embryo at conception.

Research and scientific studies have proven that some severe traumatic experiences can manifest across multiple generations within families. This phenomenon was known as the transgenerational transmission of trauma (TTT). It refers to the process in which a “traumatic experience” that happened to the first generation is passed on to the next. TTT manifests differently in various generations and may present itself as mental illness, chronic illness, metabolic disease, and some variation of auto-immune disease as well. While some scientists attribute passing down the burden of trauma to factors like family structure or socioeconomic effects, and environments, recent research in the field of Epigenetics has uncovered critical evidence of how our genes express traumatic signs.

Trauma is not an experience that occurs in the past and remains in the past. The aftermath of trauma accumulates and carries detrimental consequences to future generations. It is our responsibility that we take charge of our past, present, and future for the sake of our children. That is the legacy I want to create for my three kids. We must heal our past, make our present joyful, and ensure that we give our children a healthy emotional, intellectual, and nutritional environments. It all starts with one soul at a time, one household at a time.

This is the reason, I feel the information you can get from your Soul Code can help you heal you and your relationships as well.

  • Soul code is an excellent starting point.
  • Discovering your Soul Code can help identify the behaviors that have negative energy tags on your DNA. You can break free from those negative patterns.
  • You can be aware of how your loved ones react under stress and make sure you understand the power of nature vs. nurture.
  • Allow your conscious and soulful actions and choices help you create positive karmic rewards.
  • I believe when your 3-digit Soul Code’s first or third number match with someone else’s, there is a “soul spark” and you immediately hit it off with the other person. You may have a “soulful love bond” that is beyond your intellectual capacities to understand. It is like your soul acknowledges the other person’s soul and vice-a-versa. If our egos and trauma don’t take over, we can genuinely experience bliss in our relationships!

Our dark place, we all have it

My husband quit his job, during his animal zodiac year, despite my asking him not to because it was one of the most challenging years for him. I read his astrology chart, my teachers read his chart, even my grandmaster, Shifu, did his life map reading and adviced he should NOT change jobs or career direction. He had chances of a career-related move in 2018. He needed to be patient. Well, he did not listen and quit. He took 17 months off and was in a dark place, which affected everyone around him. My husband listened to his head and not his heart. He followed what his inner fears and ego forced him to do. Rather than understanding the fated events and how he could learn from time (his past) and karma (his actions and choices), he chose to ignore the advice of his loved ones. Time and karma teach us some powerful lessons. Life Map Reading can teach us patience and awareness of when to ebb and when to flow and manifest our desires.

He did have a career-related move in 2018 but at substantial emotional and financial loss. After my husband quit his job, there was one thing I kept saying to him,

“Find your passion, and align that to your innate talents and then figure out the direction you want to take next. Let me know how can I help and support you?”

That is all I could do since any insights that I had, based on my astrology and psychic gifts, were not appreciated at that time. My love for him is still intact, and I genuinely supported him during all seasons of our relationship. I meant every word... “tell me how I can help and support you?”

Our Karmic Blessings

I believe going through energy medicine work and having the healing, clarity, and direction via life map reading is also due to your good karma. Otherwise, people do not hear about it. They do not know that Life Map Reading exists. People will sit on the fence and never take a leap of faith to discover their blueprint of success because they have not learned their karmic lessons. They are not brave enough to pay their karmic debt yet. So was the case with my husband. He was shown the path, he was handed the torch, but it is hard for anyone going through a rough and dark phase to hold the faith and see the light. To see the supporters and true believers around them. Our self-worth issues create fears and blockages.

I have also realized that most people seek purpose in life, which is an arduous quest to be on. Trust me, if you can find and focus on your passions and talents, and work hard, you can uncover your purpose in life. This may take some time figuring things out. However, if you work with a coach or a mentor, you can reduce the life cycle of struggles and challenges and unfold your success faster. I am not going to sugarcoat it. Walking your soulful, authentic journey is a tough call. It requires unshakable faith in your mission. Spontaneity to fix, and adjust your plan ‘on-the-go’ based on the challenges and tests that are thrown at you.

When life throws lemons at you, catch those darn lemons, squeeze them and make a delicious lemonade! That’s how you should roll. Is it easy? Nope. Can you do it? Absolutely, yes!

Healing through Soul Code Discovery

Decoding my Soul Code was the key to unlocking a whole new realm for me and opening up portals of possibilities. This was a fantastic new space of healing. It can remove our negative cycles. As I explored it further, the downloads I got to make it a fully automated program was terrific. I did it for those who wanted to explore this route to discovering their own three-digit Soul Code and heal their relationships with self and others around them. This program offers insights on WHO you are at an inner and outer core. It also shares deep insights on how you react and what happens to you when you are under stress showing you the emotional, stressed, scared, or raged inner-self. It all started with my desire for decoding the challenges I have had in my life. Trying to understand the behaviors under stress. Figuring out the issues of abandonment, dishonor, and rejection in my life.

For me, it went back a few generations with both my maternal and paternal sides. It also went back a few generations on my husband’s paternal side as well. Knowing what I know and understanding my role in this entire dynamic, I have ethical and karmic responsibilities. These are much higher and crucial than my physical and relational responsibilities. I cannot walk away from these energetic responsibilities, which create a solid foundation for personal and generational freedom both for my past and future legacy!

Under stress, I waiver like a bamboo tree. The winds blow, and I go swooshing back-and-forth from one side to the other. Wavering, being in-decisive especially on matters that are dear to my heart, and lose my ground and intuitiveness as fear seeps in. This is what my middle digit (4 in its low vibration) of the Soul Code does for me. And I know better! I understand that the Universe has my back. I know that I have HIS divine grace over me and that things will be fine. Everything turns out to be beautiful with HER divine support, guidance, and mercy.

Soul Code Challenges and Strengths

Understanding my challenges and strengths given through my Soul Code allows me to trust my inner guidance and follow the course that I am on. This is personal freedom to me! The third-digit in my Soul Code shed light on “Wisdom of the Ancestors” — wisdom that runs in my blood-line and the divine blessings I have. Last year in April is when I fell sick for 4 days with high fever, the day my husband turned 50. Doing prayers and healing work in sickness can allow profound breakthroughs at many levels. This was when I started working on Soul Code creation, and in 2 months, I wrote about 50,000 plus words of content for the entire program. I followed my heart and kept writing, creating, designing, and putting the pieces together. I found deep, soulful healing and tapped into the ancient wisdom of my ancestors!

I was revisiting my Soul Code, and Money Code notes last night, after a ridiculous outburst around money from a loved one. Wasn’t that an eye-opener once again! I could immediately recognize a freak-out mode on the person’s part. Their behavior was so in line with the middle number (the emotional self) of their Soul Code. I chose not to indulge in that low-vibrational energy and walked away. We all have people around us that put money above people/relationships and vice-versa. Nothing wrong in it, as long as you are fair, honest, grateful, humble, and hold the right intentions in your relationship with money and people.

My Soul Code and Money Code notes also had my personal breakthroughs sheet. Trained in heart-centered hypnotherapy, Usui, and Karuna Reiki, I can also do hypnosis, and astral travel work for distant clearings and healings! I had to coach and heal myself, to learn how to snap out of my own blocks and trigger points faster. Having an awareness and knowing how to work through our own crap definitely speeds up the recovery process and allows a platform to transform our pain into prosperity much faster. I get to share my wisdom, process, and methodologies with my clients regularly, and they too achieve remarkable results!

Empowering Soulful Brilliance

Beautiful brands, books, and businesses of my clients reflect their inner light and joy! As my clients begin to heal inside, their career, relationships, health, and companies/projects start to flourish! Your physical dis-ease of the body has a story. Do you know what your body is telling you? When we are sick and have a dis-ease or discomfort, it is the physical transformation of emotionally stuck energy. The body keeps a score of everything, and you must learn to listen to it. The language is unique and can be tapped into.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study also proves the correlation between our worse childhood experiences and our health and wellness as an adult. We all have that childhood baggage, and we need friends, family, coaches, mentors, guides, and healers to help us unload that baggage! I am here for you if you want my help unloading yours.

Epigenetics play a crucial role. It takes courage to break free from a generational traumatic energy tag and cycle. Sometimes the sacrifices we have to make to break free take years and demands a whole new level of inner strength to stand tall in our personal power.

I am humbled and reminded one more time that I am on the right track! Here’s the bottom line, I cannot waiver. It’s not the right action step. So I have to snap out of it, which I do quickly now that I understand my Soul Code and the power of aligning with my Money Code Archetypes.

So, in summary, the first lesson for personal freedom gained during my 20 years journey here in the United States is Follow Your Heart and Your Will Not Regret It.


What’s Next

Up next is “Responsibilities Are Rewarding If You Positively Fulfill Them.” 2nd out of 7 blogs in this series aligned with F.R.E.E.D.O.M, so stay tuned! You will learn what energetic, emotional, physical, and financial rewards can be gained when you positively fulfill your responsibilities in life, career, relationships! If you have stumbled, get back on track. If you have deviated, this is your chance to soulfully align yourself with your authentic journey ahead to reap your rewards!

As a recap, below are my 7 key messages and lessons learned that fit the acronym F.R.E.E.D.O.M., which will empower you! Hope you are taking some good notes and enjoying this journey with me.


  • F stands for “Follow Your Heart, And You Will Not Regret It.”
  • R stands for “Responsibilities Are Rewarding If You Positively Fulfill Them.”
  • E stands for “Energy Medicine Can Astoundingly Help Us All.”
  • E stands for “Empower Others, And You Can Gain Fulfillment In Life.”
  • D stands for “Discover Your Life Map To Gain Perspective On Your Life Path.”
  • O stands for “Opportunities To Grow Are All Around You.”
  • M stands for “Money Challenges Insert Fear In Our Growth.”


Until next time,
Sending blessings and brilliance your way!
Gagan Sarkaria — Your Soul, Branding & Money Coach

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