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I am honored to serve many Executives, Entrepreneurs, Authors & Consultants — determined and talented Creative Professionals & Infopreneurs who have claimed their extra-ordinary soulful life, brand, brilliance and business!

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Dr. Kim Nugent

The expert you need for developing your book, branding, brilliance, and business.

Gagan’s step-by-step coaching system to branding is a unique skill, which she truly has mastered, making her the expert you need for your book, brilliance, and business! Gagan is my branding expert and online business development coach. She helped me develop my brand, and has designed all my award-winning books, digital downloads for opt-ins, email nurturing sequences, social media slides, presentation slides, business, and speaker marketing materials. She has truly helped me build a business out of my books!

Our current project includes my 5th book with her and birthing an online certification program via a beautifully branded membership site for which I am super excited.

— Kim Nugent, Ed.D., #1 Best Selling & Award-winning Author of Promotion Protocol, 52-weeks to Exceptional Leadership, and Did I Say Never?

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Executives, Entrepreneurs, Authors & Consultants — Creative Professionals & Infopreneurs who claimed their extra-ordinary soulful life, brand, brilliance and business!


Dr. Kim Nugent

Top Innovation Leadership Coach, Best-Selling & Award-winning Author of Promotion Protocol

Dr. Kim Nugent has an outstanding track record, across generations, of mentoring aspiring students and employees into career and life success. Kim brings forth over 30 years of consistent excellence in the field of management and leadership. With fine-tuned inspiration and stellar guidance, Kim collaborates with organizations to strengthen their workforce and delivers exceptional results.

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Dr. Lisa Liszcz

Executive Coach, Corporate Consultant & Best-Selling Author of Feminine Emergence

Dr. Lisa Liszcz is a master-executive coach, a keynote speaker, and corporate consultant who has coached over 1000 professionals on personal and career topics. She is passionate about the individual, team, organizational assessment, and leadership development. Lisa’s powerful strategies include mindful methods that identify true talents within her clients and organizations.

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Meliha Pérez Halpernx

Attorney, Lawfirm Owner and Speaker

Meliha Pérez Halpern is a bilingual, highly-esteemed attorney from Puerto Rico. She is rated as the rising star and super lawyer in the state of Maryland. Her unique approach to personal injury law revolves around providing clients with guidance, support, and action. Meliha shares her legal knowledge in speaking engagements with community covering topics like basic traffic laws, insurance coverage, and the steps one should take in the event of an accident.

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Dr. Gerogina Hale

M.B.B.S, Ph.D., Internal Medicine Specialist

Dr. Georgina Hale is an Internal Medicine Specialist in Australia. She is a certified Functional Medicine Doctor who takes a whole body-mind-medicine approach to heal her patients. In her upcoming book, Dr. Hale brings us a precise, detailed, and understandable information about midlife hormones for everyday women. She includes information from her own published data in addition to current research on midlife women’s health.

A man sitting in a chair, deep in thought with his hand on his head.

Jim Spina

Retired Nuclear Physicist, Best-Selling Author & Speaker

Jim Spina is a retired nuclear physicist, author, and public speaker. He was a Corporate Executive of a Fortune 500 company. Jim is brilliant, hilarious and his tongue-in-cheek humor permeates his entire being and life. It needs to because Jim says, “without humor, much of my life would, unfortunately, look simply like a Greek tragedy. At least it’s a comical Greek tragedy.” He is the best-selling author of the book — I Almost Murdered A Complete Stranger.

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Annella Metoyer

Keynote Speaker, Performance Improvement Coach & Best-Selling Author of Dare to Be the Change

Annella is a Performance Improvement Coach specializing in enhancing focused executives’ leadership skills so they can dare to be the change in their growing organizations. With over 35 years of solving complex problems and building high performing teams in the financial industry, Annella today coaches business leaders to understand personality types and behavioral skills that create impactful strategic results.


Mary Lynne Fernandez

I was in a place of transition but hesitant to take action. Gagan helped me heal, build my brand and business.

Hearing about the life map reading from a friend, I knew that was what I needed and, indeed, it was! It brought clarity regarding my career and life purpose, family relationships, and health. It also helped to identify areas of my life that needed healing so I could move forward with my life and career. For years, I had felt blocked, lacking self-confidence, and unsure which direction I should go.

My health had suffered from stress, anxiety, and depression. With Gagan’s soulful mentoring, healing powers, and ancient wisdom teaching, I was able to heal childhood wounds, overcome anxiety deep within my body, and be able to show up fully present and open to anyone and anything around me. Not only did this help me personally, but it has also catapulted my career. After the life map reading, Gagan helped me build my brand and my business. She and her team designed an award-winning book cover and guided me through each and every step as I re-built myself and my business to the success and good health I have today.

— Mary Lynne Fernandez, Teen-Esteem Expert, Personal Empowerment Coach, #1 Best Selling & Award-winning Author of The Warrior Teenager, Colorado

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for extraordinary soul-rich life and business!
A woman with curly hair and pearls smiling in a circle, giving praise for Gagan Sarkaria's exceptional services.

Dr. Lisa Liszcz | Executive Coach & Corporate Consultant

A heartfelt thank you to Gagan Sarkaria for midwifing me through the very final stages of birthing my baby — Feminine Emergence book! Gagan is brilliant in everything she does. Her amazing and inspired design work on the cover and throughout the book is unparallel. Her process and strategies create results. Gagan’s coaching and branding are instrumental in making my book a best-seller. She is truly extraordinary!

Gagan’s gifts and expertise in capturing her client’s essence, ideas, and vision for their business are remarkable. Her ability to piece and connect the dots and create cohesive and upscale branded marketing pieces is a treat. We are working on designing my membership site and cannot wait to launch my first program soon!

— Lisa Liszcz, Ph.D., #1 Best Selling Author of Feminine Emergence

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Cheri Tree | Personality-based Sales Trainer, Keynote Speaker, CEO of BANKCODE & Author of Why They Buy

Gagan is the Guru of Marketing and The Branding Expert. She is absolutely amazing. First of all, she came and helped my company, I am the CEO and Founder of BANKCODE. She helped us with our company branding, curriculum development, content editing, redesigning, and marketing.

Gagan helped us completely get aligned with her ancient, awesome wisdom and all things eastern that helped us create remarkable results. Her innovative approaches work and she always creates quality deliverables.

Her Life Map Reading for me was accurate. Her divine gifts and energy clearing sessions are very powerful. Gagan is my guru, she should be your guru. I just want to say if you are considering doing business, if you need to develop your brand, if you need to strategize, you need a business coach she is one of the best out there.

— Cheri Tree, Founder & CEO of BANKCODE

A man with glasses smiling in a circle, receiving praise testimonials for Gagan Sarkaria.

Tom Bird | CEO of Tom Bird Retreats, Author of 34 Books

Working with Gagan was like coming home, like being with family. She brought out the best in me. She and her team are compassionate, loving, kind, inspirational and funny.

The whole experience was wonderful. With Gagan’s Soul Code, Life Map Reading and brand assessment techniques she captured who I am and focused on that and not what I do. Taking that knowledge and doing brand development with Gagan was a wonderful new experience. She was 100% accurate in her readings and assessments with me!

Gagan’s branding expertise and abilities are amazing. She creates personal, conceptual and remarkable brands for authors and entrepreneurs. She uses her divine gifts, abilities and coaching styles to encourage and inspire her clients to create remarkable results.

Gagan is not only a great business and branding coach for startup entrepreneurs, she and her team are also excellent for busy entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for brand elevation and soulful alignment for their next season of life and business.

I highly recommend Gagan for her Life Map Reading and Branding Your Book and Brilliance programs to build your business.

— Tom Bird, Best-Selling Author, Creator of The Tom Bird Method, and CEO of Tom Bird Retreats

Want to achieve similar results?

  • Most clients who want to elevate their business to new heights either start with the Branding Your Book & Brilliance Program with us or do a custom coaching and brand development project!
  • They also do a Life Map Reading with Gagan Sarkaria to get started.
  • All brand assets are custom built and designed for clients to fit their business and branding needs by The Branding Expert Gagan Sarkaria.
  • We design and build custom WordPress websites for our clients.


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