What does the Wu Qu Star Mean for your Wealth and Career? 

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Wondering what Wu Qu Star in Zi Wei Dou Shu Purple Star astrology means for your wealth and career? This post will share insights, key points, discuss sample formations and placing.

One of the common questions is why Wu Qu Star is the Wealth Star in Zi Wei Dou Shu ancient Chinese Astrology? In one of the original charts of ZWDS Purple Star Astrology, where all the stars are in their respective, proper, original positions, Wu Qu is at this chart's Wealth Palace. This position or placement gives Wu Qu Star the mastery of wealth and ownership of the Wealth Palace.

The next obvious question then becomes, if you don't have Wu Qu in your Wealth Palace, does that mean that you will be poor or will not have wealth or abundance in your life? Well, the answer is not that simple. Zi Wei Dou Shu is not just about having appropriate stars in ideal or respective locations or palaces. There are a lot of other factors that influence wealth in Chinese Metaphysics, especially in Destiny Science.

As a rule of thumb, please note that standing alone, there are no good stars or negative stars in Chinese astrology. Also note that all 14 major stars can attract various forms of wealth and show you the possibilities to create and manifest abundance during different seasons of your life.

Now, a splendid Wealth Palace does not necessarily mean you will be rich. It is not even an indicator of wealth, which is ironic. You also have to consider the Assistant Stars and the 4 Transformers when analyzing the wealth and career potential and forecasting. Plus, understanding various forms of wealth in astrology will help you understand, embrace, and cherish what fated elements are on your chart and where your wealth potentials hide.

If the Wealth Palace is seemingly atrocious, it means poor financial management skills. And if you do become wealthy, it may be due to the different interplay of energies during your decade cycles, annual periods, and interpalatial dynamics.

How do you interpret your Zi Wei Dou Shu destiny chart?

You need to follow specific rules regarding Purple Star Astrology interpretation of stars in a birth chart reading. This includes:

  • The location of the stars in the 12 Palaces. Identifying where are the major star or assistant star or the auxiliary stars on your ZWDS Chart placed.
  • What does the star govern, and what does it influence?
  • What are the main star energies? Are these stars of Yin or Yang energy.
  • What element it belongs to, etc.
  • What is the Si Hua on the chart?

These are just the basic rules to understand your destiny chart using Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu ancient Chinese astrology system.

What is the General Personality of Wu Qu Natives?

When you have Wu Qu star in your destiny palace or Ming Gong, you are a Wu Qu native. Wu Qu is one of the four Leader Stars of Flying Star ZWDS. You may refer to it as the General Commander. Wu Qu people are more interested in making money than being in a relationship with others.

Others will think that Wu Qu people are not romantic, but that is actually not true. They want a type of relationship that is a fast start, a fast finish. So they lack depth in relationships. It does not mean that they don't love their partner. It just means that they focus on different things or their way of expressing their love is different.

They would instead make more money than spend time in courtship. They have problems expressing themselves as well. So being in a relationship with them would require the other person to have more understanding. Otherwise, they are going to be a lot of misunderstandings that would affect the relationship.

Although Wu Qu natives cannot handle 'love matters' well, they are trustworthy and hardworking, and good at socializing. This personality makes Wu Qu natives admired by others in the business world. They strongly value promises, and commitments are essential to them. So you better keep your promises if you want to be on the good side of a native influenced by Wu Qu in Life Sector or Self Palace.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Wu Qu Star?

Wu Qu governs prosperity and fortune and is solitary in nature. It is the northern star of wealth and, of course, the critical focus point being wealth or injury. Wu Qu Star is an important Major Star of ZWDS Astrology. It is a Yin Metal star and belongs to the Heavenly Stem of Xin Metal.

Strengths of Wu Qu are:

  • Being steadfast
  • Determination
  • Decisiveness
  • Bravery
  • Perseverance
  • Toughness, Firmness
  • Hardworking
  • Never say die attitude or quit.
  • It can be very encouraging or motivating.

The weaknesses of Wu Qu Star are:

  • Wu Qu energy dictates or demands (remember the Military General) wanting things to happen immediately or on their time.
  • They are like a turning gear that cannot stop, so they're constantly in motion - mentally, physically, emotionally.
  • They're also very rigid in handling matters or situations.
  • They emphasize more on the materialistic aspects of life or worldly things.
  • They are not very good at managing relationships - the sensitivities or emotional side of relationships.

Does having Wu Qu Star in Wealth Palace mean you will be rich?

No, not necessarily. Wu Qu is exceptionally competent in financial matters. This star holds mastery of wealth as well as its transformation. Wu Qu star also symbolizes sacrifice, is steadfast in nature, and relatively rigid in personality. Conceptually Wu Qu also means precious underground metal, like hidden gold or treasure. This means that with Wu Qu, or the characteristics of the Palace where Wu Qu resides, you will need to dig out and refine it before using it.

Although Wu Qu star governs wealth, it does not mean that the person will have money even if the Star is at the Wealth Palace. This is because you need to refine Wu Qu before you can use it. In addition, the Career Palace of the native has to be good in nature as well. What does that mean? It means that there should be some good, fortunate stars in your Career Palace as well.

Wu Qu Star is solitary in nature but governs prosperity and fortune. It is like the Military General Commander and represents loneliness. Wu Qu manages wealth, but you need to put in the hard work and a lot of effort to gain actual money or wealth and fulfill your materialistic pursuits.

How do the Si Hua Transformers affect Wu Qu Star?

Wu Qu favors Hua Lu, Hua Quan, and Hua Ke. Since it is sensitive to Transformers, it cannot escape Hua Ji. It will be badly afflicted by its presence, thus creating enormous obstacles to its development. Malevolent stars are extremely unfavorable towards Wu Qu. As a result, they could inflict robbery, which may manifest into a real-life scenario. The native could lose their life because of money.

If favorable Transformers like Hua Lu is present, it might lead to more extraordinary earning potential of the native. Po Jun will make the native take more unstable investments and risks that might have losses that eventually lead to gain. Remember, Po Jun is a demolition star, which means first destroy, then reconstruct. The presence of Tian Xiang Star will bring forth financial or career assistance from a wise person, nobleman, investor, business angel, or consultant. If Tan Lang is present, the native can only be financially powerful or successful in older age.

Wu Qu and Lian Zhen Relationship with Emperor Star

Since we focus on wealth, career, life, and happiness, it is essential to mention the dynamics between Wu Qu star and Lian Zhen stars. They have a one-five relationship, which means if Wu Qu is at a palace, you will find Lian Zhen Star five counts away from Wu Qu. Wu Qu in Life Palace describes a native with mercenary tendencies. However, their wealth handling is instinctual rather than methodical because Lian Zhen star will sit in the wealth palace.

Wu Qu as the main star in 12 palaces and what does it represent?

1. Wu Qu in Self Palace

Wu Qu is a diligent star, and its presence in Ming Gong makes a person's character diligent, straightforward, steadfast, and impatient. The native will have a personality that is loyal to their friends. Wu Qu in Self Palace represents someone hardworking, and no matter what, they will have strong willpower to persevere. They are unlikely to create a fake personality for themselves. When you see them, their real nature shows up, and they are not showoffs. They are loyal and honest.

For the male chart, they can put things in motion and are daring and optimistic. Females with Wu Qu will make them go against their own desire, and their whole life will be laborious. They will be a loner or conservatives in nature and will not easily ask for help.

Having Wu Qu in Life Palace makes you quite adept in practical operations, emphasizing efficiency and effectiveness. At good times, such an approach will receive applause and is beneficial at bad times. During any bad times, malevolent stars will cause miscalculations in the investment and financial strategies of Wu Qu. So take extra caution to calculate your steps in financial matters. Don't rush. Pace yourself, and take it slow as distress may cause a lot of loss. It is essential to clear your head and gain perspectives by slowing down and weighing your choices from all angles.

Wu Qu in Life Palace favors males more than females. Wu Qu will always receive support from both neighboring palaces by Tai Yang and Tian Tong. The Bing Fire of Tai Yang Star at Parents Palace can melt the Xin Metal of Wu Qu. What does this mean? It means that the parents of Wu Qu will give the natives good discipline and upbringing, whereas the Xin Metal of Wu Qu will grow the Ren Water of Tian Tong. Hence, nurturing the siblings. This structure of Wu Qu in Life Palace makes the native responsible and committed to family but will have little affinity or fate to other relationship palaces on its chart.

2. Wu Qu in Siblings

With Wu Qu star in the Siblings Palace, it brings little fate and support towards the native. So is this the end of the world? No. Read on... People with the Wu Qu star at their Siblings Palace would be lonely as their relationship with siblings growing up will be less harmonious. All of the siblings will not talk to each other. The relationship with the mother may also be strained.

3. Wu Qu in Spouse Palace

Generally not favorable as Wu Qu will cause lack of intimacy, ultimately conflict and separations. You can resolve this by marrying late. Another remedy is getting younger wives or older husbands. Accepting that the spouse is better at money management and not letting your ego get in the way of building stability and your life together. The presence of malevolent stars signifies danger in the relationship.

4. Wu Qu in Children Palace

Another unfavorable palace for Wu Qu star is the Children Palace. If it is the only Star in the Palace, you may have one son. Otherwise, the subsequent children may be from different spouses. The presence of Po Jun star poses a danger to your children. If Qi Sha Star is present with Wu Qu in the Children Palace, the child will not be close to the native.

5. Wu Qu in Wealth Palace

The best place for Wu Qu star is, of course, the Wealth Palace. This configuration always has Zi Wei emperor star in Life Palace. The San Fang or the triangle harmony, or 1-5-9 Palaces of Zi Wei natives, means Zi Wei star in Life Palace, Wu Qu in Wealth, and Lian Zhen in Career Palace. This configuration is usually standard for business leaders or high positions of power in a corporation when auspicious stars support this format on a Zi Wei Dou Shu chart.

6. Wu Qu in Health Palace

Wu Qu in Health Palace indicates that the native will have health issues when young, especially during infantile age. The main problem is with the respiratory system. A bright magnitude of Wu Qu, especially with Tan Lang, will defer problems leading to generally healthy conditions. Malevolent stars cause frequent ailments for the native. If the magnitude is dim, the native may experience eye problems at Yin or Shen palaces, limbs problems, and skin ailments.

7. Wu Qu in Travel Palace

Wealth and opportunity for the native lie essentially far from home. If Tan Lang is present, the native will be extremely good at merchandising overseas. Malevolent stars and the presence of Qi Sha or Po Jun stars lead to great danger when traveling. So be extra careful with your physical and financial safety. There could be chances of theft or robbery, or you losing your material goods and facing heaving losses. Travel, in general, could end up being expensive for you with Po Jun or Qi Sha present with Wu Qu in Travel Palace.

8. Wu Qu in Friends Palace

Depending upon what other stars are present along with Wu Qu Star, Friends palace could be favorable or unfavorable for you.

9. Wu Qu in Career Palace

It tends to see the natives in more finance-related jobs, which might benefit wealth. This is a trait of Lian Zhen natives. However, the potential is not as vital for the Zi Wei natives. When Wu Qu star is present with other fortunate stars in the Career Palace, the native can enjoy high positions, usually concerning military operations, especially if Po Jun is in the same Palace. When Hua Lu, Hua Quan, or Hua Ke are present, the native can get to high positions related to finance. Tan Lang star in Career Palace with Wu Qu could turn the native into a corrupt businessman. Qi Sha's presence will make the native gain overnight fame. Malevolent stars with Wu Qu could make the native jobless.

10. Wu Qu in Property Palace

The placement of Wu Qu in Property Palace indicates assets continually getting more valuable. Wu Qu star will allow the native to still gain inheritances eventually. However, the presence of Po Jun Star will waste away all assets and wealth. Tian Fu and Tian Xiang will add support to the asset building. However, the latter tends to give more headaches to the native initially. The most interesting is that when Tan Lang meets Huo Xing or Ling Xing in the same Palace as Wu Qu here, the native will experience immense wealth and a significant windfall.

11. Wu Qu in Mental Palace

It represents karmic wealth. Wu Qu in Mental or Happiness Palace or Fortune Palace is not favorable as it brings about stress and anxiety. Wu Qu is a later heaven wealth star and an early heaven ascetic star, with extreme self-discipline and abstention. Fortune Palace or Mental Palace is also representative of your previous life. Wu Qu in Mental Palace does not give forth the same wealth-enhancing benefits that it can potentially offer to the native. Although it has the power to influence Wealth Palace to some degree.

The Fortune or Mental Palace is the Karmic Wealth Palace on the chart. Having Wu Qu Star in the Mental Palace generally means the hectic and stressful mental state of the native. Malevolent and inauspicious stars like Po Jun and Qi Sha may cause unhappiness and instability. The better configuration will be that of Tian Xiang and Tan Lang to be in the same Palace.

12. Wu Qu in Parents Palace

This is not fortunate. It will bring a lot of harm and discord among parents. And even in the best scenario, there is a minimal affinity with parents. If you have Wu Qu in your Parents Palace, you have to be self-reliant or stay away from your parents to avoid dangerous outcomes.

What happens when Wu Qu Meets Other Stars in ZWDS Chart?

Wu Qu loves being with Tian Fu and Tian Xiang stars. However, an encounter with Tan Lang brings out a relentless attitude, and benefits will only come after 30 or 35 years of age. Coupling with Qi Sha may traditionally include starting a career or enterprise from scratch. But there are actually heavy Rob Wealth elements involved there. When Po Jun is present with Wu Qu, there is also wastage caused, and things only get better towards the older age of the native.

Wu Qu is most favorable when supported by fortunate stars within the same Palace. These could be the Assistant Stars like Zou Fu, You Bi, Tian Kui, Tian Yue, Wen Chang, and Wen Qu or Fortunate Stars like Zi Wei, Tian Fu, and Lu Cun. If Tian Fu sits with Wu Qu in the company at either Zi or Wu Palaces, the native may enjoy longevity. When Wu Qu and Lu Cun clip Tian Ma Star at Life Palace, the native will enjoy wealth beyond all measures. The Tian Ma is the flying horse star. It only shows up at one of the four Horse Palaces, which sit at the Yin, Shen, Si, and Hai Palaces, also known as the Tiger, Monkey, Snake, and Pig directions, respectively.

Wu Qu has a one-nine relationship with Zi Wei Star, which means if Zi Wei is at a particular palace, Wu Qu will be found at the 9th Palace on the chart. For example, if Zi Wei Star is at Zi Palace, Wu Qu will be at Shen Palace. If Zi Wei is at Chao Palace, Wu Qu will be at You Palace, so on and so forth. Wu Qu can be in a Zi Wei Dou Shu chart with Tian Fu Star, Tan Lang, Tian Xiang, Qi Sha, and Po Jun stars.

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