7 chakras mantras for awakening abundance
7 chakras and their mantras

Thirty-year-old, single mom Mariana suffered from epilepsy for almost her entire life. It was understanding healing and the 7 chakras and their mantras that would transform her life beyond simply managing epilepsy.

You see, Mariana’s daily seizures had increased in number and timeframe, and her neurologist of almost 8 years had recommended brain surgery with a 50-50 success ratio. Well 50-50 was not good enough for Mariana, so she decided to try the alternative route of healing through energy medicine and coaching with me.

Using Chakras For Healing

Six weeks into the chakra healing and coaching program, Mariana went seizure-free for a week. She had never imagined living a single day without seizures and this time she was blessed with 7 days. She manifested a life without seizures.

Then around 3 months into the program she went seizure-free for 21 days. Throughout her chakra healing, she kept all her doctors appointments and took advice and recommendations of her medical care givers. She took all the prescription medications and followed up on everything they had put her on.

Then something shifted. The doctors started asking her what she was doing differently. Her reports showed so much improvement but they had not done anything different in the last three months for her. Her answer was “you won’t believe me if I told you”, so she didn’t.

But those doctors' questions and her vital reports gave her the hope and confidence to continue her healing journey. To see what she could manifest for herself. To explore alternative routes through chakra holistic healing.

Chakras For Manifestation

Here’s another interesting fact for you, Mariana and I didn’t speak the same language. Her fiancé, Abel, had to translate what I said to her. Over time she started picking up the conversation directly. She understood bare-minimum English, but didn’t speak at all. Probably due to lack of confidence.

During the second quarter, I asked them what they wanted to accomplish. With no idea, I gave them assignments and goals to write and meditate upon. Of course by this time they had been introduced to meditation, mantras and mudras.

They started dreaming as a couple. Mariana told me that beside her seizures going away and her being healed, she wanted to get married and have a family.

But her doctors had asked her not to get pregnant because there was a 50% chance the newborn could have epilepsy too. After doing their Zi Wei Dou Shu Astrology birth chart readings, I did not see any issues with childbirth on either chart.

The same day I shared my reading with them, they told me they were pregnant. Oh, the happiness and hope I saw on their faces is beyond words. Mariana was fine throughout her pregnancy and delivered a happy, healthy, adorable baby boy. Abel and Mariana got married and had a wonderful ceremony.

Your timeline for manifesting using chakras

I believe we're given the opportunity to heal and redesign our destiny many times. We're given the inspiration and ideas to change and recreate a new path for ourselves along the journey of our life. I believe anyone can manifest abundance if you have the burning obsession to do so. All you need is to understand the secrets of manifestation (yes there are many), have awareness of your current realm of possibilities, and be willing to walk the alternative route to unfolding your success.

The timeline to your manifestation is unique to you. I invite you to experience what levels of manifestation you can achieve in 21 days through awakening your inner abundance.

To live a joyful, comfortable, physical, and social life, we need only 21 chakras in our body to be active. The 7 major chakras connect to the three-dimensional energy of Pingala, Ida, and Sushumna nadis. 7 x 3 gives 21 powerful chakras to activate. This is also the reason behind my 21-day Abundance Challenge.


“Mantras” are chanting sounds or hymns, which help to resonate and stimulate the energy in these 7 chakras. The mantras are usually said aloud to cleanse and purify our energy centers and environment.

The term “beej” means seed. So, the “Beej or Bija Mantras” are considered the energy activation seed sounds. The life-force energy connected to the chakra awakens with these chanting sounds. Every time we breathe, each of the Mantras are spoken aloud.

There are 7 Beej or Bija Mantras for the 7 chakras. Look for the “Seed Sound” to find which mantra matches with which chakra. For example, the Root Chakra’s Seed Sound or Mantra is “Lam”.

Here are the 7 chakras and their mantras:

first chakra the root chakra muladhara

First chakra: The Root Chakra

Sanskrit: mūlādhāra
Meaning: Base or foundation of support
Location: Base of your spine
Seed Sound: Lam
Color: Red
Symbol: 4-petal lotus flower
Rules: legs, feet, elimination, adrenals
Element: Earth
Qualities: Grounding, stability, security, support

second chakra the sacral chakra svadhisthana

Second chakra: The Sacral Chakra

Sanskrit: Svādhiṣṭhāna
Meaning: Sweetness or one’s sweet abode
Location: Near the navel
Seed Sound: Vam
Color: Orange
Symbol: 6-petal lotus flower
Rules: reproductive organs, ovaries, testes
Element: Water
Qualities: Fluidity, receptivity, creativity, pleasure, joy

third chakra the solar plexus chakra manipura

Third Chakra: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Sanskrit: Maṇipūra
Meaning: City of gems
Location: Solar plexus, gut area
Seed Sound: Ram
Color: Yellow
Symbol: 10-petal lotus flower
Rules: digestion, pancreas
Element: Fire
Qualities: Overall vitality, determination, conscious action, divine will

fourth chakra the heart chakra anahata

Fourth Chakra: The Heart Chakra

Sanskrit: Anāhata
Meaning: Unstruck
Location: Center of your chest
Seed Sound: Yam
Color: Green
Symbol: 12-petal lotus flower (the 12 archetypal patterns of our psyche)
Rules: Heart, lungs, respiratory system, thymus gland
Element: Air
Qualities: Love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness

Fifth chakra the throat chakra vishuddha

Fifth Chakra: The Throat Chakra

Sanskrit: Viśuddha
Meaning: Pure or Purification
Location: Throat center
Seed Sound: Ham
Color: Blue (shades of sky blue)
Symbol: 16-petal lotus flower
Rules: throat, neck, endocrine system, thyroid
Element: Sound & Space
Qualities: Communication, expansion, discernment, purification

Sixth chakra the third eye chakra Ajna

Sixth Chakra: The Third Eye Chakra

Sanskrit: Ajna
Meaning: Wisdom
Location: Between the brows
Seed Sound: Sham
Color: Indigo purple
Symbol: 2-petal lotus flower
Rules: Sight, senses, nervous system, pituitary gland
Element: Light & Space
Qualities: Intuition, wisdom, clarity, vision

Seventh chakra the crown chakra Sahasrara

Seventh Chakra: The Crown Chakra

Sanskrit: Sahasrara
Meaning: Infinite
Location: Crown of the head
Seed Sound: Om
Color: Violet purple
Symbol: 1000-petal lotus flower
Rules: all systems, pineal gland
Element: Thought & Space
Qualities: Freedom, unity, lightness, liberation, bliss


We are familiar with the power of affirmation. Positive words carry positive vibrational charges and are the building blocks of our Universe.

Many ancient languages like Hebrew, Chinese, Sanskrit, Japanese, and Tibetan understand the power of positive and affirmative vibration and sound. These cultures have created complex sound systems that engage a person’s left and right brain hemispheres.

Mantras have specific sound vibrational frequencies that when pronounced correctly activate various regions of our mind, body and will, helping to create remarkable results.

Once you understand how to harness these frequencies, you’ll be able to use the power of sounds for soulful alignment and to supercharge your manifesting abilities. You can go beyond basic affirmations and become more successful and abundant.


This concept is not new. Pythagoras used sounds to heal. The popular Tibetan singing bowls were historically traced back to Mesopotamian civilization about 6000 years ago. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s famous water crystal experiments used “spoken words” infused with raised emotional frequencies to influence water molecules.

In more recent times, scientists at the Argonne National Laboratory are using sound waves to enhance the effectiveness of medicine. Music therapy is not a new concept anymore, with documented research and promising results.

PSiO light therapy glasses have scientific and clinical research to prove their effectiveness. It uses a combination of red, blue, and green light and audio programs called “audioceuticals” to effect the brainwaves to activate and heal the mind and physical body.


Chakras are wheels that heal and activate heart-centered, soulful healing for you. Sometimes, the seven chakras are blocked because of some misalignment in our energy interactions.

To open these energy centers, we use several practices, which include:

  • Energy clearing and healing using Reiki, Qi-Gong, Kabbalah mysticism, Shamanic or Tantric ceremonies, etc.
  • Beginner Yoga training
  • Rudraksha beads
  • Charged Chakra jewelry
  • Meditation
  • Mudras and Mantras
  • Cleansing Mantras and prayers

Mantras help in balancing and activating the 7 Chakras.

There are many ways that you can self-activate your Kundalini and chakras. Kundal means spiral or a helix. “Alin” means to align. Kundalini is the dormant, sleeping life-force energy that sits in the root chakra. It's considered to be the yin energy or Shakti. One of the powerful ways to awaken Kundalini and learn how to activate, heal, or balance your chakra system is through mantras, mudras, and meditation.

To achieve desired results, cultivating a daily practice of meditation using mudras and mantras is essential. I have shared seed mantras associated with the 7 chakras in this blog. I have written about mudras in my 7 powerful mudras for meditation blog that you may also find useful.

For a more guided, in-depth and results-oriented experience, take my Free 3-day Meditation, Mantras, and Mudras for Money & Abundance Mini-Course offered under Abundance Academy!

3 day meditation mantras mudras
The 7 Chakras and Their Mantras For Awakening Abundance