Why is a daily practice of mudras, mantras, and meditation important now?

21 day awaken your inner abundance
Importance of Mudras, Mantras and Meditation

The mental and physical health crises are at a peak due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. Like many, I have struggled with the balancing act of running a virtual business, homeschooling three kids, the increased chores, non-stop noise, and digital/news consumption. This is where a daily practice of mudras, mantras, and meditation is so important. It can improve your inner calm, reduce anxiety, and provide clarity for abundance inside and around you.

Amid all the chaos, I believe we still have a choice. A choice to focus on how to awaken your inner abundance and really tap into our higher powers to recreate, redesign and relive the new life ahead of us.

Where your focus goes, your energy flows, so the question is: what are you focusing on right now? Are you focused on scarcity and fear, or are you taking this time to rest, recover, and recreate something that has been on your bucket list to create?

On the second New Moon of 2020, in February, I started a powerful 21-day Awaken Your Inner Abundance Challenge. 27 people have embarked on this journey with me so far, and their lives are forever changed with amazing, tangible results and a new mindset.

The new Moon is a time of reset, and the full Moon is about reflection, gratitude and focusing on the next phase. Each month we have two fantastic opportunities — one for a reset and the other for observation.

We may be in self or mandatory confinement due to the current situation and social distancing precautions. Still, we are incredibly blessed to have the resources, technology, and tools to continue our life and journey ahead. 

Remember, it is during our times of struggle that we discover our strengths.

On our path to financial freedom, why is it important to have inner abundance?

Quite often, when you talk about the word abundance or prosperity, the natural tendency is that it’s about money, finances or materialistic aspects. Yes, it does mean monetary abundance. Yet it is much more than that.

According to Vedic wisdom and ancient eastern energy medicine practices, prosperity, abundance, creation, and knowledge are feminine energies. These are connected to our lower level Chakras.

I was born and brought up in India. My initial understanding of how abundance is created was confined to the four walls inside the household - because women are supposed to stay inside the house. Coming from a culture of high patriarchy, I was the rebellious person who questioned everything around gender equality and fairness. So my journey to understanding what abundance truly is comes from my culture. I have learned it through the women in my life. 

I think we need to understand how the way we flourish inside has a direct correlation to how we create the results outwardly in our environment. Understanding our inner abundance, how it filters through the Heart Chakra, what we can tap into, manifest outwardly is a journey that is beautiful and very sacred. And not everybody knows how to walk that journey. Cultivating a daily practice of Mudras, Mantras, and Meditation is an important initial step that most often can speed up fantastic wellness and abundance results. 

Relationship of Abundance with Chakra System

The number 72 represents the traditional yogic map of the human energy system, which is composed of 72,000 prana nadis “energy channels or energy meridians.” This energy system is also connected and runs through the Chakra system.

Various Yogic philosophies, especially Kundalini Yoga, focuses on three significant nadis. These are:

  • Ida,
  • Pingala, and
  • Sushumna

Let me explain a bit more about these three nadis or major energy meridians.

  • Sushumna runs vertically through the seven Chakras, along the spinal cord, in the center of our energy body.
  • Ida lies to the left of the Sushumna, whereas Pingala to the right side, and mirrors the Ida.
  • Ida and Pingala run crisscross across Sushumna to create a balance of energies inside us.
  • Ida refers to the Yin or Chandra or Moon energies. In contrast, Pingala refers to the Yang or the Surya or the Sun energy.

Following this understanding, the ancient Yogic tradition developed highly effective techniques that affect the flow of vital energy within the human body to improve health and evoke elevated spiritual states. Such methods include asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), bandhas (internal locks), and mudras (gestures). 

Due to the subtle complexities, you must learn proper techniques and safety applications of applying postures, breathing techniques, and internal locks from a competent teacher. Mudras are easy to learn and totally safe to practice.

By activating the 10 fingers through the practice of hand mudras, we can access a more significant potential for self-healing and self-realization. 21-day Awaken Your Inner Abundance Challenge is the beginning of an ancient path of eastern wisdom to tap into higher consciousness. Embracing a practice of meditation, mudras, and mantras can decrease anxiety and improve our overall wellness.

What is your journey to becoming an awakened person?

Manusmriti, an Ancient Vedic Manuscript, describes that spiritual growth, abundance, prosperity, and contentment/fulfillment arrive/exist where women are honored. To unleash your inner champion, you need cosmic guidance, spiritual wisdom that can assist in awakening your inner guide.

At age four, I got lost in a crowd at the Golden Temple in India. I can remember panicking for a moment. Then suddenly, having this inner calm, confidence, and knowing that everything will be all right and that my grandmother will soon find me. So she did.

During the hot summer months, when there was no electricity or when it was extremely humid, we would sleep on our terrace back in India. Every night, sleeping under the stars, I would get mesmerized with the silence and mysteries of the stars.

I still look at the Moon and the stars for assurance and guidance. In this seeking, I have discovered that many of the answers we long for are already inside us. We can get to that information if we choose to calm down, know how to “Awaken Our Inner Guide,” and learn to listen to our inner silence. For over four decades, I have known most things, somehow. You may call this strong intuition or claircognizance. In the last decade, I have learned not to question this inner knowingness. 

Then 4 years ago, I started studying Zi Wei Dou Shu, one of the Five Major Arts of Chinese Metaphysics — San-Yi-Pok-Ming-Xiang. My focus has been “Ming” arts that covers Destiny Science modalities of Chinese Astrology systems. Based on my destiny charts, I have discovered that my Guardian of Destiny is Tai Yin or the Heavenly Moon Deity, associated with knowledge, wisdom, and secrets. Blending, infusing, and layering my own practice of energy medicine, mudras, mantras, and meditation, I started seeing remarkable results in 90-day shifts.

This is why a daily practice of mudras, mantras, and meditation is important for you too.

The 21-day Abundance Challenge is one of the initial steps on a personal transformational journey. I firmly believe that owning our choices and loving ourselves through the process of change is the most courageous thing we will ever do.

How does the 21-day Abundance Challenge work?

The 21-day Awaken Your Inner Abundance challenge runs for consecutive 21 days. The main goal of this challenge is to assist you in developing a daily Meditation practice with Mudras and Mantras. Another goal is to have clarity and calmness to manifest at least one abundant blessing in your life. Live cohorts start on the New Moon of each month unless there is demand in between, and we can start one on a Full moon.

The live cohort is run asynchronously on Asana, which is my project management platform. As a participant, you work daily on your own, at your own time. For some participants, mornings are best, and for others, evenings or late nights are better depending on their personal schedules. You login daily to receive the information, insight, and inspiration for the day. If you have comments or questions, you post it in the daily task for me to offer you clarification and further guidance.

Each day you will receive:

  • A Mantra for the day.
  • A Mudra Card that supports the intention, theme, and lesson.
  • A Mantra-Meditation video link. This video has healing music and how to pronounce the mantra as well. Plus, the meaning of each mantra.
  • A Reflection Activity that supports the daily lesson.
  • An Abundant Affirmation card that supports daily intention. 


Additional resources are also uploaded as downloadable files, comments, or links. These may include: 

  • Occasional Audio files for Intuitive Energy Card Readings or Energy Forecasts.
  • Occasional Oracle Cards that go along the energy readings. 

Self-healing with meditation, mudras, and mantras

Stress and anxiety are prominent underlying causes of many diseases and sufferings. This is not a new discovery. We have been suffering for decades, being on the hamster wheel or running the rat-race, no matter where we live. Most adults are sleep-deprived. Young adults being wired all the time are suffering as well. And due to coronavirus, shut-downs, lay-offs, furloughs, physical distancing, at-home-orders, at-home-learning, the mental and physical health crisis are at their peak.

We can decrease anxiety with a daily practice of Mudras, Mantras, and Meditation. The benefits are enormous, yet this simple practice requires daily commitment and persistence. I am a big believer in following a path of least resistance to achieve quality and remarkable results. Adding Mudras and Mantras to your meditation practice can deepen your effects and calmness, and speed up your achievement.

Mantras are ancient Sanskrit Hymns that activate your electromagnetic vibrations inside and around your physical body. Mudras are hand gestures that enable and assist in the process faster!! 

The importance of specific hand positions is universal in many traditional spiritual and healing arts throughout the world. India is considered to be the home of the most extensive collection of hand gestures known as Hasta Mudra, in Sanskrit. 

Mudra is a Sanskrit word that means “attitude,” “gesture,” or a “seal,” and can be traced to the roots mud, which means “to delight in,” and dru, which means “draw forth.” Therefore, in this context, Mudra denotes the sense of evoking a hidden power or uniting with something more significant inside, like the primal life-force energy (Shakti) or with the principle of pure awareness or Higher Consciousness (Shiva). For thousands of years, Indian rishis or “seers” developed an elaborate system of mudras used for a wide variety of applications. 

your daily practice of mudras mantras and meditation

There are 72 prominent mudras for healing, self-cultivation and growth. In the 21-day Awaken Your Inner Abundance, I share 21 of these essential mudras for self-healing, activation, attunement, grounding and manifestation.

Participants of the 21-day Abundance Challenge commonly report that by adding mudras and mantras to their daily routine of self-care, they found calmness in the chaos of current times. 

I encourage and invite you to join other determined professionals in the next live cohort. Looking forward to seeing you awaken your inner abundance in 21 days.

Mudras, Mantras, Meditation for Abundance
Why is a daily practice of mudras, mantras, and meditation important now?