Key benefits of having a Chinese astrology birth chart reading

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Chinese astrology chart reading

With so many astrology map reading types, it can be overwhelming to know which is best suited to you and what the benefits of an astrology chart reading are. More so, how often should you be having a reading?
My preference has been for a life map reading using Zi Wei Dou Shu.
Watch the video to learn more about this style and the benefits of using this type of Chinese astrology birth chart reading. Or scroll to read more about having an annual life map reading.

What is life map reading?

Life map reading is a traditional Chinese system of destiny science. The style I’ve been drawn to and use is called Zi Wei Dou Shu.
It's an ancient system of destiny decoding, by plotting your natal birth chart based upon your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. It’s plotted in a way that you can read:

  • Where you come from
  • What are your life challenges
  • What are your possibilities of growth
  • How can you overcome and rearrange your life

It's a beautiful ancient system of learning about yourself, your surroundings and your relationship challenges.

How does a life map reading differ to other forms of readings?

You’ve probably realised there are a lot of different kinds of readings, like intuitive readings, tarot readings and Oracle readings. These all fall under the category of divination, where you tap into your intuition and do a reading through a channeling system.

Zi Wei Dou Shu is a careful, calculative method of plotting the charts and understanding how various stars fall on the 12 palaces on your birth chart. For example:

  • How does it influence your character?
  • How does it influence your relationships?
  • What are your wealth potentials?
  • What are your challenges with your children or your spouse?
  • What kind of career aspirations do you have?
  • How much success can you actually achieve in your life?

This calculated method helps you in deciphering your life and figuring out your blueprint of success.

Why there’s a preference for Zi Wei Dou Shu

I was born and brought up in India and was exposed to numerous Indian, Eastern aspects and modalities of wisdom and calculation, especially Vedic astrology. About 10 years ago, when my actual attunement and journey started, I was more fascinated by Chinese metaphysics. I sometimes joke that maybe I was an old Chinese woman in a past life. There’s this inner soul that attracts me towards Chinese wisdom.

Chinese metaphysics is divided into five major arts. One of them is destiny science.

The reason I was attracted to it was because of my own personal challenges in my relationships, struggles in my business, and issues with boundaries in regard to clients and family. I didn't want to rely 100% on subjective analysis, but rather understand what was the science behind Chinese Astrology.

Zi Wei Dou Shu is also known as flying star astrology or purple star astrology. How it differentiates from other readings is that it calculates via a system and methodology to understand the event that is happening or the problem that you're struggling with.
Knowing your chart is one thing, but I like to move beyond deciphering the challenges in your life and also use energy work and strategic analysis through my divination training to also help you clear the energy and create a strategic plan to overcome those hurdles and challenges and achieve success.

So there are two parts to it:

  1. The deciphering of your chart.
  2. The game plan to success.

How often should you have a Chinese astrology birth chart reading?

So, how often should you have a Chinese astrology birth chart reading or life map reading? Is it a once in a lifetime thing? Or is this something you should be doing on a regular basis? And if so, how regular? Annually?

When you are in that phase of a challenge or struggle and you don't know what the answers are, a life map reading is a great way to understand what your challenges are, but also how can you grow with it.

You see, there is a karmic debt that you have an entanglement with, and it could be because of your own past life karma or your current life choices. Either way, you are at that point where you’re seeking guidance to grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, or even physically.

A lot of people reach out because they have health challenges. Some come because they think it’s a business crisis they’re under but it's often a relationship challenge or some kind of trauma they suffered but don't understand.

Awareness is important.

While many life map readings are 90-minute sessions, we instead focus on a 90-DAY sacred journey. The goal is to overcome all the challenges uncovered and learn how to grow with it by focusing on moving things around energetically and spiritually to understand your chart at a much deeper level.

The process looks at your natal chart (or birth chart) to reveal your entire life, before being broken down to uncover your decade cycles and then your annual readings. Each decade, year, month and even day has its own theme that you need to be aware of that allows you to understand

  • when to ebb and flow,
  • when to hibernate and spread your wings and soar, and
  • when you’re at your peak energy to ensure you take advantage of it. Hence the name flying star astrology.

Everybody is in a different season of their life or a different phase of their business or relationships. Doing a life map reading sheds light on certain aspects that were hidden — what I like to refer to as your “blind spots”. You know when you're driving the car and somebody is driving in your blind spot, so you can’t see them to know to avoid an accident. When you have an awareness of what’s there, you can pause or adjust your speed. That's what life my reading does for you. It helps you see things that are in your blind spot and then drive more cautiously.

Zi Wei Dou Shu Chinese astrology is based on the lunar calendar, so it's aligned to the Chinese New Year, which normally happens either at the end of January or up until mid-February. Every year it falls on a different date. With an annual reading, you get to know your annual cycle to adjust and align your life and take advantage of your Destiny Chart annual and monthly themes. This makes now a great time to have an annual astrology reading.

As we hit the holiday season or we are ending our solar calendars, we tend to reflect and see how the year went and we start writing goals for the next year. So this life map reading concept is very critical in understanding:

  • where you have come from,
  • where you are in the present, and
  • how can you do the forecasting for the next year to be more successful

Two types of Zi Wei Dou Shu

There are two schools of Chinese astrology for Zi Wei Dou Shu — there is the San He lineage and Si Hua lineage. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to learn from masters from both schools. Zi Wei Dou Shu is a 6000-year-old astrology system. The word Zi Wei means the Emperor in Chinese. Dou means the constellations. Shu means the calculation.

Zi Wei Dou Shu was a sacred, hidden and very private form of astrology only accessible to the Emperor. The common man didn't even know it existed and did not have access to the scriptures or the forms of writings that somebody could read and understand. All the Chinese emperors used it to rule, win wars and manage their kingdom.

It was in the last couple of hundred years that it was released to the public. It was after the Second World War that some of the masters who left China, migrating to Taiwan, Hong Kong or Malaysia, started using it in their teaching and consultation. It's still a very complex system and you need a certain level of understanding and inquisitive mind to learn it.

When I was accepted as a student, my teacher had to go and consult with her superior who was another master to see if I could learn the system, because I'm not Chinese and don’t speak or write Chinese. But apparently it's on my chart. And this all stemmed from the feeling I lacked fulfillment in my life, was struggling in relationships and in my business.

Zi Wei Dou Shu and life map reading have been instrumental in helping me overcome these problems. But, of course, you solve one problem, there'll be another problem. But we hope that the problems that are coming in front of you are now better quality problems.

What's next?

If you would like your own life map reading, book your session

This is a 90-day experience to ensure you not only understand your past, present, and future from your chart but will have access to energy medicine practices to help you heal, uncover your path ahead.

If you've previously had a life map reading with me, reach out to book your annual life map reading.

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