Are you struggling with money blocks

Are you continually struggling with money blocks? You work hard yet live paycheck to paycheck, and there is no cash emergency fund? Do you find it hard to live within your means? Do you find yourself owing money? Are you fearful of not having enough cash flow? Do you fear if your business will ever have a profit? Do you often panic with looming debt? Do you wonder if your painful situation and money struggle will ever end? These and other feelings are associated with deep money blocks — the blocks that keep you from achieving your financial success.


I have been there in your shoes. Struggled with my money blocks, lost my self-worth, my confidence, relationships, savings, struggled with body image as well. Only to discover my unique money code to remove my money blocks! The shift started with healing my personal relationship with money to open up my Chakras and heal my traumatic energy tags embedded in my DNA. Then began the task of soulfully and consciously aligning myself with my Sacred Money Code Archetypes, my Soul Code and Destiny Science Life Map to build my empire and life with grace and ease. If I can do it, so can you!


Three Tips to Removing Money Blocks

  • Tip 1: Discovering your money code is that secret code that opens your doorway to healing your relationship with money. Think of this as your 4-digit pin code to open a mysterious gate that can remove your money blocks. So let’s start with this now. Click on this link and take the quiz to find out what your unique money DNA is.
  • Tip 2: So after you crack your money code and access the information regarding your first money code archetype, do the assigned exercises because these are designed to help you remove your money blocks. You will have access to these on my membership site. Read the soulful advice and go over the entire information at least 3 times. Let it sink in, journal, take notes, reflect, and review. Create at least 7 powerful affirmations for yourself out of the information and advice shared inside my membership site for each of the 4 gatekeepers of money. When you go over the soulful advice and information, something will resonate, and your body will respond. Pay attention to your body’s responses. You may experience tears, overwhelm, goosebumps, or powerful a-ha moments. Who doesn’t want these moments, right?! Those are your signs of letting it sink in. Allow your Soul to be your CEO and awaken your inner guide.
  • Tip 3: Creating personalized and brilliant breakthroughs with money struggles is the key focus of my Money Code Coaching Program. A profound and personal route to awareness and understanding your unique money code is the key focus of the program. How to remove the money blocks and break-free of the challenges? Breaking the generational cycle of pain (in some cases) has been the missing link for many of my clients. The activities that we go through in my Money Code Coaching program has allowed many hard-working professionals to heal their relationship with money. This program creates uplifting energy and pathways for success; in some cases, five-to-six-figure immediate success. Blending this information with Soul Code and Life Map Reading allows my clients to create their blueprint of success and build their brand and business to new heights! Are you ready?!

Ready to Discover Your Money Code?

Take the Quiz and Discover Your Unique Money Personality!

Is Money Code For You?

First, ask yourself, do any of these situations seem familiar to you?

  • You feel there is an invisible glass ceiling.
  • No matter your income, you only make enough to “just get by.”
  • You avoid looking at your bank account.
  • You feel resentment towards wealthy people.
  • You feel you have to work harder to make more money.
  • You are undercharging in your business because you can’t see how you can charge more.
  • You find yourself trapped by family and friends needing money.
  • Are stressed by the endless arguments with your spouse over money.
  • You hold back from investing because you are fearful.
  • You are secretive about money as a way to have control.

All of these and more are challenges hidden in your money DNA. If you find yourself answering “YES” to any of these statements, then you have money blocks, and Money Code Coaching can help you remove them. Just like many of my clients, you too can have brilliant breakthroughs, unlock your financial success, and get rid of the money blocks.

Unique Pathways to Success with Money

You can start by taking the FREE QUIZ to Discover your Money Code and understand your unique money personality. Or you can click here to begin your free Money Code quiz. Embracing your sacred strengths, gifts, and values can give you a new path to financial health and wealth, which begins to remove your money challenges. So start with discovering your unique money code, that is where you will find out your individual and divine strengths, gifts, and values!

Everyone Has a Wake-Up Call

Many coaches will sympathize and are unable to empathize. For me, you are not alone in this financial struggle. I have been there myself. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with money. I had my “wake-up” call, and everything changed from that moment onwards. I promise you can change your trajectory and boost your relationship with money, ultimately empowering you to new heights by unlocking your potential.

My personal wake-up call came a few years ago while sitting in a restaurant. I was arguing with my husband about something other than money — or so I thought. I was emotionally shattered with outstanding invoices owed to me by clients. I was devalued and under-appreciated. For the first time, I realized that day, sitting in the restaurant that something was broken inside me. I had HUGE money blocks. I knew I had to make some hard choices. There was nowhere to run or hide anymore. I have had enough. Does this ring a bell for you? Does this resonate how you feel when it comes to money and wealth or your paycheck and professional career?

As I discovered my unique money personality and realigned myself with my sacred gatekeepers of wealth, I embarked on a personal healing journey, and never looked back. I surrendered to the proven system that energized me to change my painful situation to outstanding opportunities to build my life and empire with grace and ease! Shattered and shaken, lost, and at my lowest, I lifted myself up and restarted my business to rebuild my life a few years back. Unlocking my divine money personality, and removing my money blocks allowed me to align with my sacred gifts to help hundreds of clients reclaim their authentic and brilliant life.

Ready to Discover Your Money Code?

Take the Quiz and Discover Your Unique Money Personality!

Understand Your Money Blocks

How can my experience help you? How can you unlock your money blocks and live to your full income potential? It’s simple, start with discovering your Money Code! Understanding your money archetypes and your code gives you a more in-depth knowledge of what makes you tick when it comes to building your wealth empire!

After you discover your money code, you will be able to:

  • Understand what motivates you when it comes to money.
  • Discover your core money strengths and how to use them.
  • Achieve freedom to make decisions from a place of empowerment.
  • No longer fall prey to the unconscious, self-sabotaging behavior.
  • Gain clarity of knowing what to do and what to say when someone is pushing your money boundaries.
  • Feel confident and ready to make decisions about your business or career.

Transform Your Relationship With Money

By now you must be asking: Is money code coaching right for me? So ask yourself:

  • Am I a determined entrepreneur and focused professional committed to growing my business?
  • Have I been on this professional journey for at least two years?
  • Do I have a growth mindset?
  • Does investing in my personal and business growth make sense to me?
  • Do I want to add value to others and achieve success?
  • Am I coachable and ready to learn revolutionary concepts and try new approaches?
  • Am I open to alternative methodologies?
  • Am I ready to work to change my painful situation into skyrocketing success?
  • Am I reliable and willing to reclaim my victory?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions above, then hop on over and check out for details or schedule a session for us to talk, I will be happy to guide you through!

The Ultimate Coaching Program to Remove Money Blocks

If you are:

  • Sick and tired of your money struggles,
  • Want to unlock the hidden secrets to unexpected growth,
  • Create a unique path to skyrocket your life and profession; then money code coaching is the ultimate coaching program for you!

The results will blow your mind and boost your wealth. Money Code Academy, a.k.a. The Money Code Coaching eCourse will be launching soon. I have been working diligently behind the scenes to launch this amazing and powerful eCourse out to my tribe! Super excited and grateful for the opportunities that are in front of us all.

Until next time,

Sending blessings and brilliance your way!


Gagan Sarkaria — Your Soulful Business, Branding & Money Coach

P.S.: If this message touched your heart, please share it with your tribe or a loved one who might need it.

Ready to Discover Your Money Code?

Take the Quiz and Discover Your Unique Money Personality!