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The Wood Dragon Year brings unpredictable changes, but you don't have to face them alone. Our 6-month coaching program, led by Gagan Sarkaria, will guide you through personalized strategies to overcome obstacles, align with the right timing, and reignite your passion for success. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and goal achievement. Sign up now and take the first step towards a brighter future.

BaZi Reading Consultation

Decode your destiny with bazz astrology, offering soulful services and high achievement astrology coaching.

In the realm of time and destiny exists an ancient Chinese astrology modality known as Bazi, revealing the secrets of fate through the Eight Characters or Four Pillars of Destiny. These pillars, erected upon the hour and date of one’s birth, mirror the unique tapestry of an individual’s life, reflecting innate personality, health, family connections, and romantic entanglements.

With its uncanny ability to decipher destiny, Bazi serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path of life’s intricate dance between fortune, chance, and challenge. By unveiling the luck cycle chart hidden within one’s Bazi, we can navigate the ups and downs of existence, charting a course through the ebbs and flows of fate thus designing our destiny. From birth, destiny unfolds its grand tapestry, with each passing year marking a chapter in the tale of a life. Every decade, a new act begins, shaped by the cosmic forces that guide our journey. We can decipher these forces with Bazi as our compass, unveiling the hidden script that shapes our destiny.

Seek the wisdom of Bazi, and let its ancient wisdom illuminate your path, showing you the twists and turns that destiny has in store. With Bazi’s guidance, embrace the tapestry of your fate and walk confidently through the labyrinth of life, knowing that every twist and turn has a purpose, every step, and a chapter in the grand symphony of existence.

To decipher the ups and downs in an individual’s life, one can refer to the annual and luck pillars within one’s Bazi chart, interpreted yearly from when one is born, and every 10 years.

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Discover Your Annual Life Map Reading

A Chinese New Year greeting card with the words, rise to challenges and seize opportunities.

2024, the Year of the Wood Dragon, is upon us, and with it has come some New Beginnings! This year is exciting for many. However, for some, 2024 will bring challenges and tough lessons. The shift for 2024 will reward those who put in the effort. But, in turn, we will fully feel the weight of our responsibilities.

We all know the frustration of not having clarity or being a little less prepared for life’s challenges. Or when plans fail and life throws a curb ball at us. When we are unable to grasp great opportunities, whether it is because we lack support, knowledge, confidence, or skills. Maybe the last three years were like that for you. Would you like to change that in 2024?

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Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map Reading

A woman offering soulful services and high achievement astrology coaching to help you discover your Hawaii.

The Life Map Reading Bundle includes 4-products-in-1 and allows you to have a payment plan option.

The bundled package of services includes:

  • Full Birth Chart Life Map Reading, 4 live sessions with Gagan, which also include divination and energy medicine sessions.
  • The Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map Reading Workbook
  • The Annual Life Map Reading Service with a full overview and month-to-month assessment for you to create your soulful year ahead.
  • Private Messageboard to communicate with Gagan directly.
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Energy Clearing Session

A soulful poster inviting you to unlock your sacred path through an energy clearing session.

Do you feel blocked, unable to get your projects completed? Maybe you are struggling in this season of your life. Chakra clearing, and an energy healing session can be an extremely powerful tool to get you out of that stuck place and back on your path moving forward.

Enjoy a simultaneous or asynchronous, 50-minute, distant clearing session with me and feel the difference!

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Sometimes, all you need is some additional support. You may have a few other questions or need further clarification on your projects, career, business, or relationship direction. Maybe you want guidance to create a soulful year ahead, but do not know where and how to you can do that. For this purpose, I have “Pathway to Prosperity Clarity Sessions” for you! You can purchase these as a single one-off coaching or consulting session. Get ready to pick my brain to find creative and soulful solutions to your problems.

Pathway to Prosperity Clarity Session
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Experience the birth of your book, brand & brilliance in this unconventional program that skyrockets your inner & outer success like never before! Branding Your Book And Brilliance Program is for those who have a desire to impact audiences, leave a legacy, build a business around their story or book and monetize their talents. Check out the details of this program and reserve your spot today to work with Gagan!

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Gagan’s heart-led work as a Soulful Mentor & The Branding Expert has earned her the title of “The Expert Midwife for Birthing Your Book & Brilliance” in the Author community. Her work, either as a soulful mentor or branding expert or both are acknowledged in numerous Best-selling books.

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