Understanding the 12 Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart Palaces

12 palaces in Zi Wei Dou Shu
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Zi Wei Dou Shu Palaces

The 12 Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart palaces hold the hidden code to your destiny. Decoding your destiny chart allows us to create your blueprint of success. It also teaches you a simple, powerful, and profound philosophy of Taoism called Wu-Wei, which means when to ebb and when to flow.

Zi Wei Dou Shu or the Purple Star Astrology is a Chinese astrology system that calculates events, which will take place at a specific time. Calculations are based on the space-dimension we occupy versus the time factor of which an event has taken place or a forecasted activity that will take place.

The commencement of Wu Shu (五 术) — the five arts of Chinese Metaphysics — dates back to 256 BC. The Great Grandmaster Lu Dong Bin devised Zi Wei Dou Shu during the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD). However, the development and sophistication of this astrology system took place during the Sung Dynasty (960–1127 AD) by Grandmaster Chen Xi Yi. Since then, ZWDS has made its mark as one of the most popular and reliable scientific astrology studies to discover, understand, redefine, and navigate through one’s destiny.

When it comes to reading a Zi Wei Dou Shu chart it's important to understand there are two prominent lineages of Zi Wei Dou Shu:

  • The Southern School that uses the San He or Triangle Harmony Formation style of calculation.
  • The Northern School that uses the Si Hua or Four Enhancer Flying Stars method.

The main difference between the two schools is their different application of numbers of stars for interpretation. The Triangle Harmony formation lineage uses 18 major stars plus 90 auxiliary stars. In contrast, the Four Enhancer Flying Stars lineage uses only 18 major stars plus the four enhancers to differentiate events between palaces and stars.

The usage of more stars does not generate higher accuracy in readings. In fact, the Four Enhancer Flying Stars practice has much more complicated methods and techniques compared to the triangle Harmony formation lineage. Thus, accuracy is proven to be higher. 

After plotting a Zi Wei Dou Shu chart, I spend time assessing and interpreting the overall events in a person's lifetime. Establishing a timeline of past events allows clients to validate the accuracy of those events. Next is then the critical activities based on the 12 Zi Wei Dou Shu Palaces. After the essential facts and circumstances are mapped out, further interpretations of a person’s destiny are made. These events are further broken down for the current decade cycle or time-period, in which events happening within a decade can be forecasted.

Mastering the Time Factor identified on Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart

Many say that timing, luck or fortune, and destiny determine success. There is a difference between fate and destiny, for sure. Excellent and right timing is a huge factor, and I always wondered how could one figure out the right time? Zi Wei Dou Shu and QiMen’s calculative knowledge and experience have given me those insights to determine the proper timings.

In the 90-day Life May Reading journey, we begin with your overall life chart analysis. Then we dive deeper to analyze your current decade cycle and key defining years. We also uncover and discover the happenings of your current annual luck cycle. You get to identify the details of 12 months for your current year and gain confidence in seeing what lies ahead. As a qualified and experienced Zi Wei Dou Shu practitioner, I can decipher a client’s past, present, and future, thus differentiating between fated events and controllable events. One of the goals is to further craft a blueprint of success for the clients, as together we can achieve remarkable results based on the client’s destiny charts.

Zi Wei Dou Shu can calculate a person’s destiny from the specific point of intersection of time and space. This allows clients to be better prepared for what lies ahead. Therefore, by mastering the time factor in Zi Wei Dou Shu, one can make the right choices at the right place and the right time junctures of their lives.

Your Zi Wei Dou Shu Birth Chart is like a map of the heavens at the time of your birth. Look at your chart like it is a mansion with a massive courtyard in the center. And the Zi Wei Dou Shu Palaces are the 12 houses around it. This base layer of your map is comprised of the 12 “Earthly Branches.” These branches are invariable and do not change, move, or rotate. These Earthly Branches can also be called by their Animal representations, referred to as the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac Signs. These earthly branches are time-sensitive. They pertain to the hours, days, months, and years. The Earthly branches represent time and, is stationary, as the face of a clock.

The Golden Decade in Zi Wei Dou Shu

The golden decade refers to a person’s peak in wealth, fortune, and career in their lives. There is no definitive time frame of a golden decade as it is subject to the capacity and limitation of a person as identified on his/her destiny charts.

Not every person will enjoy a golden decade. Some people have extended periods of their peak times and live to experience additional golden periods in their life.

The primary purpose of determining this component of the golden decade is timing. It is also known as the “fortune” part of the Life Map Reading. Your chart identifies if you have a golden decade and when the right time will come.

The 12 Zi Wei Dou Shu palaces on a chart

Zi Wei Dou Shu chart consists of 12 boxes, known as a house, Palace, or sector. Each Palace represents an essential aspect of a person’s life. It is literally a 30-degree portion of the entire universe, viewed from where we are at the time of birth.

These palaces represent the people and things that you hold dear. Rotating clockwise with each passing year, the Self, the people, and things around us take on the characteristics of the stars sprinkled onto our chart at the precise time of birth. When reading, it is vital to consider the major stars at the opposing Palace as well. Also affecting, to a lesser degree, are those at 120°. 

The characteristics described in each Palace reflects one’s undertakings and endeavors in life.

The 12 Palaces in the chart comprise all the aspects of your life. But when “Interpalatial Dynamics” are applied, each Palace can manifest 12 other qualities. Therefore, holding up to 144 (12x12) aspects altogether. Below are some general indications of the 12 Palaces of a Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart.

  1. Life Palace: Also known as Self Palace or the Fate Palace that identifies your main characteristics. This Palace features your overall personality, talent, luck, and destiny. We can also identify business profit or loss from this Palace.
  2. Siblings Palace: This Palace is also known as Kinship Palace. This Palace, as the name suggests, is about your immediate siblings. This Palace also shows your siblings’ characteristics, wellbeing, and relationship dynamics with you. This Palace also represents your mother. We can also look at property deals, and savings account information in this Palace.
  3. Spouse Palace: This Palace is also known as Relationship Palace. The main focus is on intimate relationships. This Palace, as the name suggests, is about your partner in terms of relationships, marriages, affairs, and characteristics. 
  4. Children’s Palace: Also known as the Peach Blossom Palace, Sex Palace, Offspring Palace. This Palace also determines the number, characteristics, as well as luck and conditions of your children. It is also used to observe and study the sexual health of the native. This Palace also highlights you a joint venture Partnerships, and shed light on your subordinates or younger clients or audiences.
  5. Wealth Palace: also known as the finance palace or the money palace. This Palace, as the name suggests, is indicative of the financial habits of the native as well as that of general cash flow, current account, and attitude towards wealth and money. The wealth palace can also shed light on your spouse/marriage relationship.
  6. Health Palace: also known as sickness palace or illness Palace. This is where the health condition of the native is shown on the charts. We can track the general constitution, sicknesses, and processes of recovery. 
  7. Travel Palace: Also known as action or movement palace. As the name suggests, this has to do with mobility, travels, and interactions. We can also find information regarding accidents or mishaps. From here, the practitioner can deduce the general status of travels associated with the native.
  8. Friends Palace: Also known as Peers Palace. This Palace concerns friends; it also shows the social skills of the natives and their leadership capacity over subordinates as well as their general characteristics and treatment. This Palace can also give insights regarding the health of your spouse.
  9. Career Palace: This Palace is also known as the Work or Ethics Palace. The career status can be read accordingly to this location. It also generally gives a perceptive on the conduct and behavior of the native in gauging their ambitions. This Palace can also give you insights into the health of your children.
  10. Property Palace: This Palace is also known as the Assets Palace. The property here, while generally interpreted as that of domestic homes and houses and family situations, can also be indicative of fixed assets, wealth storage. We can also find information regarding Love Triangle or Peach Blossom affairs from this Palace, or influence of a third-party or adultery issues. 
  11. Mental Palace: This Palace is also known as Karma Palace, Fortune Palace, or Destiny Palace. Here we can find the mental thoughts of the native. Aside from psychological conditions, there’s also the karmic quality that might affect the luck cycles and fortune of the native. This Palace also showcases indirect wealth, internal health, and sickness of the native.
  12. Parents Palace: This is also known as Elders, Authority, or Father Palace. This Palace is indicative of the parental characteristics, the authority, status, and their wellbeing. The appearance of the native is also suggestive here. We can also take a peek into native’s debt collections.

Learn more about the palaces and their stars in A Beginner's Guide To Zi Wei Dou Shu Astrology free download.

Unlocking Success through Zi Wei Dou Shu Palaces

What do your palaces reveal about your life, decade, and the coming months? What opportunities or challenges can you prepare for?

To discover your Zi Wei Dou Shu chart, book a Chinese astrology chart reading.

Gagan Sarkaria Divider used on website
Gagan Sarkaria Divider used on website
Understanding the 12 Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart Palaces