What does Lian Zhen Star Mean For Your Wealth and Career?

Zi wei dou shu wealth star
Lian Zhen Star

If you're wondering what Lian Zhen star in Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology means for your wealth and career, this post will share insights, key points sample charts and placing.

Lian Zhen is a Northern Star of Relationships. This Star symbolizes a "system" opportunist, and is associated with a rainbow or Peach Blossom in ZWDS. Lian Zhen governs or has mastery over the career and administration aspects of the Palace it's in. Looking at the health and wellness aspects, Lian Zhen represents the blood and your nervous system.

Lian Zhen is an unpredictable Yin Fire Star and quite a contrarian. When using Lian Zhen for wealth acquisition, there is no step-by-step plan to follow as Lian Zhen is not a star that respects order and rules. It is more of an intuitive nature and wants to lead and make its own rules.

If you have Lian Zhen in your Life Palace, be more strategic and form decisions based on research, studies, advice of the collective or trusted advisors. Lian Zhen should not act solely on gut or emotions or when feelings are too high, and one cannot think clearly.

How do you interpret Zi Wei Dou Shu Stars?

There are two leading schools of ZWDS astrology, the San He School and the Si Hua School. Depending on which system you follow or choose to use both, the flying stars lineage of Zi Wei Dou Shu advocates a more practical, a bit easier, and effective approach to Stars' interpretation by identifying and emphasizing the critical points of each Star. There are 5 main points of ZWDS star interpretation:

  • Location of the Star, which Palace does it reside
  • Yin and Yang elemental energies
  • The 5 elements
  • What the Star governs and influences
  • What are the meaning and foremost characteristics of the Star

Each Star has a different meaning under different situations and environments (timing, place of birth, education, etc.). Remembering the personality or critical points of each Star allows more flexibility and creativity in assessment and birth chart reading.

According to Chinese metaphysics and philosophies, the five elements Wu-Xing Theory is the basic foundation of all universal phenomena. The five elements also show up in everything from the Early Heaven Bagua to the Later Heaven Bagua, from the Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly Branches to the 12 Palaces on your chart, and even the Zi Wei Dou Shu Stars.

What are Lian Zhen Star's strengths and weaknesses?

You don't categorize Zi Wei Dou Shu stars as good or bad stars. All 14 major stars and 4 auxiliary stars used in Si Hua ZWDS have strengths and weaknesses. Below are some significant strengths and weaknesses of Lian Zhen star.

Lian Zhen's strengths are:

  • systematic
  • opportunist
  • organized
  • affectionate
  • tactful
  • persuasive
  • shrewd
  • sociable

Lian Zhen's weaknesses are:

  • Peach Blossom relationships
  • impulsive
  • argumentative
  • self-centered
  • rash

Lian Zhen is the Star of chastity and a peach blossom star. Lian Zhen technically holds mastery over your career, but it also transforms murder and entrapment.

Hua Lu and Hua Ji affect Lian Zhen. Hua Quan or Hua Ke Si Hua transformers don't. Lian Zhen Hua Lu brings fame, fortune, and wealth. In contrast, Hua Ji brings about legal trouble, can cause travel or traffic accidents, and Peach-Blossom losses to wealth.

Lian Zhen is not a Wealth Star, and there are tendencies to trigger Rob Wealth due to crime, wrong-doings, under-the-table dealings, and Peach Blossom. A native with Lian Zhen and bad stars should stay away from illegal and unethical activities. With poor star formations, it is easy to get caught and imprisoned for it.

Lian Zhen Main Star in 12 Palaces and what does it represent?

When reading a Zi Wei Dou Shu chart, one of the most essential aspects is the placement of the 18 stars in the 12 palaces on the ZWDS chart. Then the assessments using the Si Hua fly out methods, Heavenly Stems, Hua Ji structures, interpalatial dynamics follow. Let me briefly go over what Lian Zhen represents or means in each of the 12 Palaces.

1. Ming Gong

Ming means Life, and Gong means Palace. Lian Zhen star in your Life Palace or destiny palace depicts that you may have a solid financial sense but usually difficulty with cash flow.

2. Siblings Palace

Some days, your siblings are good towards you, and some days they are bad.

3. Spouse Palace

Social or argumentative.

4. Children Palace

If Lian Zhen sits alone in the Children’s Palace, there will be only 1 child. With Tian Fu, there will be 3 kids, with one outstanding child, and with Tian Xian, you may have 2 children. The influence of malevolent stars might affect the chances of having kids.

5. Wealth Palace

Lian Zhen in the wealth palace is more instinctual in financial management. It is mainly dependent on the fact that Wu Qu is at the Life Palace to attract wealth affinity. If Lian Zhen sits in the Shen or Yin Palaces on your chart, you have the potential to gain wealth via aggressive competitions, which may lead to trouble.

6. Health Palace

Lian Zhen in Health Palace is an indication that the native is prone to allergies. Lian Zhen Hua Ji in Health is a sign of a mysterious disease and increased chances of an accident. Watch out for problems with the reproductive system, heart, blood, and nervous system.

7. Travel Palace

With Lian Zhen in Travel, you have to work hard. Travel far and often for work or study.

8. Friends Palace

Lian Zhen is charismatic and easy to get along with or get help from the opposite gender. Tan Lang, Qi Sha, and the presence of malevolent stars is not a good sign. This can cause insubordinations, issues with colleagues, a fallout with friends.

9. Career Palace

Lian Zhen star in the career palace has strong wealth qualities. This configuration usually already has the Wu Qu star at the wealth palace.

10. Property Palace

At the property palace, it is considered unstable and inappropriate. It means significant changes, bankruptcy, or riches. There will only be wealth after much toil and hardship.

11. Mental Palace

Lian Zhen at the Karma, Fortune Palace, or the Mental Palace, is not auspicious. It may bring about an intense state of misery, which influences the Wealth Palace. Lian Zhen is highly unfavorable and unstable in the Mental Palace. It constantly changes thoughts.

12. Parents Palace

Difficult to understand and moody parents. Lian Zhen is harmful to parents no matter how the interpalatial dynamics work. The formation ends up having Lian Zhen influencing Parents Palace will cause problems to parents, especially for the father. The presence of harmful stars means that parents are physically, emotionally, or spiritually not present or supportive of the native. Positive Stars can somewhat bridge the relationship gap with the parents; however, the fated relationship is bleak.

What happens when it meets other Zi Wei Dou Shu Stars?

Also called the love-hate Star, Lian Zhen is contrarian and ferocious. It is the "five yellow" Star, one of the 9 stars in flying star feng shui. Its Mandarin name is 廉贞星, pronounced as Lian Zhen Xing. Lian means honest or incorruptible, Zhen means chaste, Xing means Star. But more commonly known as 五黄 (Wu Wang), literally translated as five yellow.

Some texts also show Lian Zhen possessing 3 elemental energies of Yang Wood, Yin Fire, and Yang Earth, based on the flying stars of the Later Heaven Bagua.

  • Lian Zhen favors meeting with Tian Fu for good financial growth, stability, and reducing Lian Zhen's ferociousness and aggressive nature.
  • Tian Xiang makes Lian Zhen self-sufficient.
  • Encounters with Tan Lang star may bring some windfall luck, but there are tendencies to misfortunes and Peach Blossom damages.
  • Meeting with Qi Sha star brings violence, aggression, and some windfall.
  • Meeting with Po Jun adds to a lifetime of toil, suffering, and hardship before the rewards come in.
  • When Lian Zhen encounters Ju Men, greed and corruption in the native are unleashed.
  • Meeting with Wu Qu and Po Jun might lead to bankruptcy situations.
  • When Lian Zhen and Po Jun meet Tai Yin and or Tai Yang, the native will have vision problems or eye diseases.

Once you understand plotting of the major Stars on the charts in relation to the Zi Wei Star, you will notice that Lian Zhen and Wu Qu are in 1-5-9 positions to the emperor star.

Lian Zhen is best when surrounded by miscellaneous Stars, especially Tian Kui and Tian Yue. They enhance the morality of Lian Zhen and add Divine blessings and help to the native. Assistant Stars Wen Chang and Wen Qu may lead Lian Zhen to be overly passionate or aggressive.

How do you figure out that it is afflicted?

Affliction in Zi Wei Dou Shu stars means when situations, placements or formations bring out the worst of Lian Zhen. You cannot label or categorize stars are good or bad. Many factors lead to an assessment of a Zi Wei Dou Shu chart interpretation. It could be that the Star's brightness levels are dimmed, which is a San He system of reading. Hua Ji transformers are present, or a Si Hua fly-out is happening. Maybe there are negative stars in the same Palace.

Understanding your good fortune identified, digging through the self palace, wealth palace, career palace (1-5-9), favorable stars, sha qi based on negative stars, and applying the traditional Chinese principles of ZWDS astrology clearly help you gain clarity

Afflicted Lian Zhen star usually brings about problems tied to money. You must take care when that happens because it brings forth many adverse effects like embezzlement, corruption, wealth loss due to affairs, and under-handed dealings. Lian Zhen has a jealous and envious side with solid desires and can be vengeful or hold grudges.

Lian Zhen has a positive side to it before turning nasty and ugly. Because this Star has a "loyal" or "staunch supporter" part to it as in "integrity," he would genuinely go all out to help others. With unlimited, boundless love and without a target or aim, the Lian Zhen can follow passion and desires to no end or boundary. If Lian Zhen loves someone deeply, he would entrap himself and also trap the other party. This is the "imprisonment" part that Lian Zhen encompasses, giving it its namesake quality.

What is the general personality of Lian Zhen Natives?

Lian Zhen is a star of lower Peach Blossom and will show especially in Life, Children, and Property Palaces. It loves to excel and brings forth many changes. It can express strong desires, hunger, and repression.

Lian Zhen in the Yin, Shen, Si, and Hai positions has strong mobile tendencies when the Life Palace or Travel Palace fall in the corners. You will constantly travel for work or studies. It is suitable for political or public office or government jobs or career paths. Lian Zhen likes to please others and uses their charismatic, intuitive nature to achieve their goals.

It's easily influenced as it desires to please others, producing good or bad outcomes depending on other factors. This can cause instability and emotionality in your behaviors. You can sometimes also become highly suspicious and temperamental.

As mentioned earlier, Lian Zhen aligns with Peach Blossom and loves to make friends. It is well admired by the opposite gender. Natives with Lian Zhen in their Life Palace may also like to gamble, drink, and be attracted to high-risk or adventurous endeavors. Lian Zhen Hua Ji brings scandals and lawsuits in any palace it is in. Lian Zhen Hua Ji from Travel clash Life creates a strong signal of accidents.

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What does Lian Zhen Star Mean For Your Wealth and Career?