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Don't we all desire the secrets and pathways to personal freedom and success? One of my favorite quotes says, "Success is the total dedication to our life path." And "Freedom is Never Free." Freedom and success require failures and sacrifices. Some things are fated, yet we can create, recreate, define, and redefine our own destiny.

I do not believe in coincidences, yet life is not easy, nor is it fair. Especially in this global pandemic, which is still not over yet. 2020, Metal Rat Year, was definitely one of the historic years of our lifetime. But let's continue to count our blessings in 2021, the Metal Ox year. I see the veil of fear lifting in some areas, yet many are still struggling.

Our individual achievement can have an enormous impact on our family, community, country, and world. It is a ripple effect of positivity that can create happiness and joy around us.

Feeling stuck in your grief?

When we find our greatest gifts amongst our worst trials and tribulations, we win, even if it feels like the world is ending.

I was fired from full-time employment once and told, "You are not the right fit." It came as a shock, and I had numerous questions that wounded my emotional realm for a long time, beyond the financial blow that I suffered back then. That firing was similar to being in the middle of gunfire when I was 17.

The difference between the two situations was one took my blood as I tried saving my friend from bad guys who shot her with four bullets. I gave her my "O-positive" blood when three of my dear friends rushed us to the hospital. The other incident, being fired from the job, took away my confidence and self-esteem. Both these events have had an enormous impact on me.

Then 10 years ago, I was laid off from the job that I loved. So what happens when you get the pink slip, and your boss has tears in her eyes? You know, deep down, you have won, you have succeeded. When one chapter ends, a new one will begin. Fast-forward 10 years, I have built businesses stemming out of crisis and during tough times.

Procrastination does not give you the push you need

Just sitting around depressed, feeling helpless, or stuck in a rut does not solve any problem. Blaming does not, nor having a pitty-party. Procrastination definitely does not give you the push to solving your problems. What does work is taking ownership of your mistakes. You have to become the Sherlock Holmes of your life and investigate and unlock the hidden pathways to personal freedom and success.

What bestselling author Napoleon Hill teaches us

One of my favorite authors is Napoleon Hill. Most of his books decode the success secrets. The best news is that Hill's teachings resonate with the contemporary audience of the 21st century. One of the success principles that's stuck with me is, "The starting point of all achievement is desire." Think about it, if you do not have the desire to change, you cannot change. If you do not have the desire to be loyal, or rich, healthier, or achieve more, you will not be able to tap into your higher human potential.

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to visit with and learn from Sharon Lechter, author of the bestselling book Think and Grow Rich for Women. Her classic bestseller book also changed my life and gave me the modern motivation to be an entrepreneur.

Sharon Lechter annotated Napoleon Hill’s book titled Outwitting The Devil. It was a manuscript hidden by the Hill Family for over 70 years after Napoleon completed it because the 1930s was not the right time for the world to receive the message inside that book.

Napoleon Hill's Outwitting the Devil, a bestselling book, is one of the must-reads and at the top of my personal achievement materials in my library. Similarly, the secrets to decoding your destiny to achieve personal success and freedom using Chinese Metaphysics fascinate me.

Creating your personal blueprint of success

What if you can have the secret blueprint of your success, which becomes the map to your hidden treasures? This is where Chinese Astrology Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart Interpretation can show you the pathway. In that case, what this life map reading reveals can be a powerful push that can inspire you to take action and go after your passion and achieve personal goals.

Fear can either make you numb or force you to discover your pain. Your greatest obstacles, when turned into opportunities, create financial freedom.

How do you create your dream life?

You can find the key to unlocking the doors to your success. It is not easy, but definitely possible. You cannot find success by walking on someone else's life path. It needs to be on yours. Big or small, smooth or thorny, plain or rocky, it has to be "your" life path.

If you are stuck in life, relationships, career or business, I invite you to book a Clarity Session. The pathways to personal freedom and success demand sacrifices, focus, commitment, discipline, and determination to follow through.

Are you daring enough to be the person of your word? Do you live a life of integrity - not morality or what is right and wrong, but a life of integrity. Jealousy in mind definitely causes blockages in identifying your purpose in life and identifying ways to achieve your goal.

The law of compensation

Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American philosopher, talked about the Law of Compensation in the early 1800s. He explained, "For everything you have missed, you have gained something else; and for everything you gain, you lose something else." I think Waldo talks about cause and effect and the Yin and Yang Theory in his journal from 1826. The principle of Yin and Yang is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites. Finding the balance is what helps us achieve inner harmony and peace.

Cornerstones of success

I believe hope, faith, commitment, and determination are the four core pillars of many outstanding achievements. You can dig through history and find patterns of these four pillars. Even our independence stands on the foundation with these four cornerstones.

When we face challenging situations, and we all have those, it can feel like a severe punishment. Right? Remember, what goes up comes down. If you have a bad day, a good time will follow. Don't waste the opportunity to learn and grow in your challenging time. Take your problematic experience to gain the needed knowledge that brings blessings - offsetting the sufferings! The question is, are you going to be ready to capitalize and ride the wave of your good days?

My advice for personal development

  • Learn to conquer your fear every day, as it is one of the secrets of recreating your destiny!
  • Understand the power of timing using Chinese Astrology.
  • Read Napoleon Hill's Outwitting The Devil.
  • Work with a coach that helps you achieve your goal.

Your personal Good and Bad Days

The concept of Woo-Wei in Chinese Metaphysics means understanding your personal timing of when to ebb and when to flow. This philosophy vigorously applies in Chinese Astrology, destiny science, and divination techniques like:

Understanding the energy and timing of our personal good and bad days can open portals of possibilities for us.

Gratitude gives perspective

Counting our blessings and giving thanks for the grace and gifts we have helps uplift us during the low points in our life. This is the quickest path to a newer perspective that allows us to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

We all have the power to change our life, finances, relationships, wealth, and health by first changing the nature of our beliefs. Now, do not confuse the word "belief" with "wish." You can wish for more money, a better relationship, the best health, a promotion, or more wealth. However, without faith, commitment and determination to take the right action, and making good choices, that wish does not become a belief. It is a belief that fuels the fire that forces you to create or recreate that reality.

What advice would you give your younger self?

This all-time classic question forces me to reflect on my choices often. The advice I would give my younger self is:

Remember, there are 3 types of minds:

  • Wise minds,
  • average minds, and
  • small minds.

Wise minds turn failures into success by discussing solutions.

Average minds stay - mentally, emotionally, and physically - stuck in discussing events. Don't confuse the activity of revisiting past events to gain a new perspective as being stuck in the event(s). I know for sure that, if you do not gather the courage to revisit your past to heal and learn from it, you will repeat the patterns and behaviors of the past. And every time you repeat those patterns and mistakes, the pain will be more significant, and change will be more challenging.

Lastly, small minds waste time discussing people.

Using clarity, courage, and commitment as pathways to personal freedom

Today, I wish and pray you find the courage to build your success and freedom with grace and ease. Embrace your gifts, gain clarity, and commit to doing one thing today that can create massive success for you down the path that is unique and sacred to you. Don't be afraid to take a different route, a less traveled one, and out of the norm.

The day I decided to use Chinese Metaphysics and Astrology to discover my success in life, there was no turning back. My relationships, money, and business changed. As if the Universe started to re-orchestrate itself to show me the path forward. It gives me goosebumps revisiting the decisions I made and the determination I had to manifest my abundance.

Astrology for happiness and success

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In the end, you achieve pathways to personal freedom and success when you can heal from your past and transform your pain into prosperity.

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