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Welcome, my name is Gagan Sarkaria. I am a soulful life and high-achievement business coach. On this page, you will find my team of Chinese Metaphysics Soulful Consultants. We are all certified practitioners and professionals with diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences. I am honored to have these wonderful, skilled, passionate, and heart-led souls join me on this path to unlocking and designing your destiny.

I assist determined entrepreneurs in achieving remarkable results! Through my programs, I open portals of possibilities and create measurable success for my clients. Quality and results are my two non-negotiables; I only work with clients who want quality and results. Similarly, my consultants focus on applications and guiding you in taking decisive action and co-creating miraculous transformations using various Chinese Metaphysics modalities.

Read through their profiles, take your pick, listen to your intuition, and book your consultation with them. Book your session now if you are stuck or need to discover your least resistant path to prosperity!

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In the tapestry of life, William’s journey has been marked by accomplishment and a deep-seated passion for guiding others to greatness. As a Chinese Metaphysics Soulful Consultant, his personal journey and drive are fueled by his search to help his son, who is on the spectrum.

His decades-long voyage through the insurance industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. His unwavering dedication to mentorship has left an enduring legacy.

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In a world of business and human potential, Dr. Kenny Chong stands as a beacon of empowerment and success. With over a decade and a half of experience, he has mastered the art of aligning HR strategies with organizational goals, propelling businesses to new heights. As a Chinese Metaphysics Soulful Consultant, he is determined to use his knowledge and skills to guide his clients with actionable steps and decisions that determine their destinies.

Dr. Kenny's Services:

armen setaghyan

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Diverse roles and significant achievements across various Yerevan and Armenia industries mark Armen Setaghyan's career. Starting at Converse Bank CJSC, he honed his administrative skills before leading rebranding projects at VTB Bank Armenia CJSC. As COO of the Public Television Company of Armenia, he excelled in organization and strategic planning. At VEON Armenia CJSC, he drove innovation as a Project Manager. As the Country Manager at Globbing LLC, he successfully expanded operations abroad. Currently pursuing an Executive MBA at the University of Sheffield, Armen continues demonstrating resilience, innovation, and leadership throughout his career.

Armen's Services:


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