What is Abundance Manifestation and How to Unlock Abundance in 21 days

how to manifest abundance in 21 days

Have you ever paused to think about what is abundance manifestation, and what words attract or fascinate you? The power of the word is phenomenal because of the numerical frequency attached to it. Also, due to the meaning you assign and give it. Just like the vibrational power in your name! To manifest abundance effortlessly, you must be open and willing to see wealth and prosperity from a new perspective. You know that negative thoughts and a limiting belief mindset hinder your ability to manifest good things, happiness, love, and your dream life.

‘Abundance’ and ‘prosperity’ are two out of four of my favorite words. These four words are:

  • Freedom
  • Success
  • Abundance, and
  • Prosperity


These four words hold extremely high vibrational energies. From a numerology standpoint, Freedom and Success are 7-letter words. The frequency of number seven forces you to go deep and discover the hidden meaning and facts behind everything. Seven is also the most magical and mystical of numbers and is associated with metaphysics, intuition, and spirituality. For example, Seven colors of the rainbow make the white light. Seven continents and seven seas/oceans. Seven days of the week. The seven wonders of the world. So, you get the point, right?!

Abundance is an 8-letter word. What does that mean? Well, eight in numerical frequency is about the balance of power, personal or environmental. When things are in harmony, we feel stable, in control, and supported - think Yin and Yang here!


To overcome our limiting belief and boost an abundance mindset, Chinese Metaphysics teaches us to tap into the abundant environmental frequency through the eight cardinal directions - North, South, East, West, North East, North West, South East, and South West. Then there are also the eight trigrams of the Early Heaven and Later Heaven Ba Gua, which play a vast role in all the five major arts of Chinese Metaphysics. There is no coincidence that there are these following facts as well:

  • Eight Planets in our Solar System
  • Eight is the atomic number of Oxygen without which we cannot survive for more than a few seconds or maybe minutes. 
  • According to yogic studies and Hinduism, Astha (8) is the number that represents wealth and abundance in the Sanskrit language.
  • Goddess Lakshmi represents wealth and prosperity. She is depicted with eight forms.
  • Buddhists consider the number 8 as an auspicious number too. They identify and teach the Noble Eightfold Path to attain enlightenment.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine also divides the human body into eight categories: the Spirit, the nervous system, circulatory system, immune system, reproductive system, skeletal system, excretory system, and the muscular system.

Prosperity is a 10-letter word. In numerology, the vibration of the number 10 is considered to be the “Wheel of Fortune.” In destiny science, especially Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology, the 10th house or palace is the Property Palace. Your Property Palace depicts your assets, property, fixed deposit accounts, love affairs, house feng shui, and other family aspects. 

What is Abundance Manifestation?

The words Abundance and Prosperity date back to the Middle English Latin word ‘abundantia,’ which means “overflowing.” And prosperity comes from the Middle English French word ‘prosperite,’ which means “doing well.” These two words: prosperity and abundance, could mean different things to different people. However, the concepts of pain, struggles, loss, failure, and timing are common yet unique to all of us. This is where having an abundance manifestation coach, expert, a guide can help you create breakthroughs and remarkable personal results.

First things first, what exactly is manifesting?

Manifestation is the act of becoming clear. When something becomes evident to the eye or our mind. When something abstract becomes real. Manifesting involves the process of becoming recognizable to the senses. One of the ways to practice manifestation is to visualize. Now there is a difference between daydreaming, procrastination, and visualization.

Do you believe it’s possible to achieve the financial prosperity you deserve? Do you have the burning desire to create your empire that too with grace and ease? Because without a clear burning desire, you cannot move forward in the abundance manifestation process. Most people know that meditation, positive thinking, the right emotional state, intention, inspiration, and gratitude are core concepts in creating an abundant life. But how often are these concepts and states of mind easily achieved?

The Power of Belief: 

A positive mind is a crucial starting point of any plan for creating wealth, financial success, and manifesting abundance. Before achieving success in any area, you must believe in something or someone. How about believing in yourself?. Yes, self-doubt seeps in during the tough times. It does with me, too, believe me when I say this, as I have to kick it to the curb myself.

Regaining your self-worth and confidence can take years, so how do you speed up the process? I can say from personal experience that crying, venting, complaining do not solve the problem. Action does. Taking small steps towards your goal(s) and surrounding yourself with the right people who have your back are essential steps. Visualizing the success you seek and believing you can achieve it energizes you. Especially when you have your tribe supporting and holding you accountable for your actions. However, manifesting money, attracting abundance requires you to clear yourself of negative energy and have a focused intention towards creating an abundant life for yourself. Understanding your soul code, your karmic debt, and lessons, your decade cycles, and their timing and influences is a wonderful thing that helps you know your life path and manifest prosperity at a deeper level.

Anticipate Drama and Plan Your Success: 

One of the best ways to ensure manifesting your abundance is by anticipating drama in a given situation and planning your action to ensure your success. How is that possible? The Art of Date Selection and layering it with the Qi Men Dun Jia system allows you to forecast and anticipate the energies of the situation and activity you seek to manifest. Then you can take advantage of the right time to capitalize on the timing aspect of manifestation.

Maybe you feel lost or stuck and seek your personal pathway to freedom. In that case, I recommend committing to 21 days to learn what abundance and manifesting really mean. You can start by brainstorming ideas about what is that you really desire. Maybe you want financial abundance or relationship prosperity. You need to identify and be open to receiving the support and guidance you need. If you are not ready and available to receive, you will miss the profitable opportunities that knock on your door.


Incorporating Chinese Astrology is another way to manifest abundance. This process includes understanding your soul code and how time affects you. Also, understanding what is fated on your destiny charts is essential. Once you know these, then plan and personalize your months, quarters, and the year ahead to redesign your destiny and create massive success.

For example, I am fated to have relationship stress from my spouse/intimate relationship. It is a karmic debt and a substantial past-life lesson for me to learn. And even after knowing and embracing this, I still find it challenging and hard to accept. The Moon and its cycles deeply affect me and my emotional states. And I have to be careful and watch monthly cycles and mindfulness accordingly. Negative beliefs and positive thoughts are like the Tai Chi Symbol that flows in continuity. Being humble, writing my journal in gratitude, having positive thought, and regularly counting my blessings keep me grounded.

Though this year has brought back some spark and joy in our lives, many are depressed and suffering from overwhelm and feeling stuck. Many think that they have not accomplished their goals for the year. Do you believe you have been stretched too thin this year? Well, you are not alone. 

Have you achieved your goals this year?

The darkness, shadows, loss, and loneliness the last two years have brought are still looming, overlaid with the eclipse season and planetary retrogrades. Each month you have a window of opportunity to align with the cycles of the Moon and learn to create and manifest your abundance. 

Look back to the end of June 2021. Have you been pulled to follow a spiritual path or heighten your intuitions? 2021 (2+0+2+1) was a 5 Universal year, with the theme of significant changes and heightened spiritual discernment. Did you stand up for yourself and said, “no” to something or someone in 2021? 

In the last five months of 2021, you must have had at least three to five significant changes or awakenings in your life. These could be related to career changes, finances, health, relationships, even location. Your soul and higher consciousness guide you to walk on a more awakened path.

In February of 2020, about a month before we shut down due to the COVID pandemic, I launched the very first cohort of the 21-day abundance manifestation challenge. Right, when the Year of The Metal Rat (2020) transitioned (January 25th), I channeled that something dark was coming, and the collective vibrational frequencies needed to rise to protect against it. So, I canceled my international trip, created and launched the 21-day Abundance Manifestation challenge on the second new Moon of the Year of the Metal Rat. Many joined me during the 2020 live cohorts of the 21-day Abundance Challenge. We all created and manifested abundant blessings. 💗 

After two years of struggles and challenges, we see hope and cannot give up. To embrace the vibrant new energy of 2022, we must completely align and push through our inner blocks, emotionalities, hesitations to start manifesting our abundance now. 

Are you ready to manifest your abundance?

It is easy to be engulfed in negative thoughts, where our subconscious mind takes over, and we feel stuck. The lack of inner peace in our daily life forces us towards negative thinking. To me, it seems like a never-ending cycle on a loop. Sometimes, even positive affirmations do not help. However, manifesting abundance is learned and an awakened skill set. You can tap into the unlimited abundance inside and around you. The 21-day abundance manifestation challenge is a live challenge that starts on the New Moon of each month, whereas the 21-day abundance manifestation course is available for you to do at your own pace. The beauty of the challenge is that it is pretty affordable, and you have to commit to 21 consecutive days to activate your money mindset and tap into infinite abundance. You will not have access to the content after the challenge is over. The 21-day Abundance Manifestation Course, on the other hand, gives you lifetime access to the course contents, and you can repeat the process as many times as you like.

In both these resources, I’ll teach you how to manifest what you desire, within the realm of your possibilities, find and connect with your inner abundance, and make the shift into creating an abundant life. You’ll receive daily lessons to help you grow your manifestation skills. Each day, you will learn a new mantra, mudra, mindfulness meditation, along with an abundant activity that will change your overall thought process. You will also learn new and soulfully aligned abundance affirmations in the abundance manifestation course and challenge. Before disappearing, the daily learning/lesson content will be open and accessible for 72 hours inside the live challenge. This is a daily challenge so stick with me. Do you have the discipline and desire to take decisive action and manifest your abundance in 21 days?

I invite and encourage you to take the 21-day Abundance Manifestation Challenge and unblock your abundance!

What is Abundance Manifestation and How to Unlock Abundance in 21 days